Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022  

Mombasa, Kenya (photo).jpeg

Attendee Dates :: February 17 - 20​, 2022

Volunteer Dates :: February  13 - 22, 2022

One of the first Azmera haven retreats was in Kenya. We look forward to returning to connect with our old friends and meet new friends. God-willing, Kenya here we come again!

Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022  

Attendee Dates ::  February 25 - 28, 2022

Volunteer Dates ::  February 21 - March 2, 2022

It's time to get to a new area for Azmera. We have connected with several agencies and women in South Africa and are thrilled to be able to host some of them in 2022, Lord willing. 

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Azmera EUROPE  Haven Retreat 2022 

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Azmera ISRAEL Haven Retreat  2022


In the beginning days of Azmera, God put Israel on our director's heart for the location of the first Azmera Haven Retreat. In 2016, as we sat on the Sea of Galilee, one of our volunteers realized, “just as Jesus started his ministry on the Sea of Galilee, Azmera is starting its ministry here as well.”  In 2018, we returned to Israel for a one-day haven retreat in Jerusalem. At that haven retreat, we had many Kingdom-minded women request a full 4-day haven retreat back in Israel. We’re delighted to be heading back to where Jesus ministered when He walked this earth!



ONLINE November 12 - 12, 2021

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"Thank you SO much for organizing this time to meet with Jesus and each other and be encouraged. So amazing and the Holy Spirit is already speaking to my heart." 

"I've really been looking forward to this time, but until this morning, didn't even realize how much I needed it right now in the midst of recent craziness and stress."

CYPRUS   October 14 - 17, 2021

"The communion with the saints at this haven retreat has been enriching and encouraging and soul stirring in my walk with the Lord. Getting to hear how God is working in so many different countries and context’s and being reminded that I am not alone has been powerful, and makes one excited and refueled to get back to ministry."

"Thank you for making it possible for women across the globe to be encouraged. I have had the Lord meet me in places that I didn’t know that I needed to be met as well as places that I knew I needed"

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STATESIDE Summit  September 30 - October 2, 2021


"I was truly a blessing to 'bear one another's burdens' and share similar experiences with like minded sisters in Christ, and feel a bit less 'alone' in relocating back to the U.S., etc."

"Life changing! Heard from God on a crucial prayer request and my heart was so encouraged."

"I feel like after 3 years of being back in the states, I finally got to debrief and share my story with people who understood and could relate and pray for me."

COSTA RICA   April 15 - 18, 2021 

"Thank you for facilitating an amazing weekend for me to focus on my relationship with Christ and take time to listen. I have felt seen and loved after a very isolating season in my life. This retreat is a beautiful image of the body of Christ and I return to my place of service renewed, hope ignited, and with guidance to make new steps"

"Thanks so much for the gift of sending women to bless us and bring us out of our boxes to see something new of God. I was refreshed and am now ready to go back into the battle. Keep up the good work supporting women all over the world who love and serve the Lord. We need it!

""God is using every detail of this ministry – bringing other global workers together is a gift – even without all the goodies (but I loved those too). I feel like I have a “tribe” now of women who get me!! "

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ONLINE   November 6 - 8, 2020

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"This season has been especially isolating and confusing. It was such a breath of fresh air to be with women from all over the world who are experiencing similar difficulty. I was reminded over and over again. You are not alone. This is hard, and God is still very, very good."

"Azmera ONLINE helped me to feel understood in some struggles and see that I am not the only one feeling that way. It helped me to express what really is inside of my heart, what I couldn´t express like that before."

""I appreciated that Connection Circles and the workshops were small enough for actual interaction."

STATESIDE  Summit    September 24 - 26, 2020

"Wow! I came in to the retreat with just a beginning awareness that it was okay to be disappointed and sad about the "good plan" God has me in right now. Throughout the retreat, this idea of sitting in the emotion and not trying to "deaden desires" was reiterated in several ways and times. I finally let myself sit in the sad and lonely and not feel ashamed for feeling that way. That was a huge breakthrough. I feel refreshed! Even after all that hard and raw emotion."

"After an unexpected and traumatic exit from the field, this haven retreat has been like streams of water to my soul to be with other global worker sisters. Thank you so much!"

"We have needed to breathe for so long and this time was invaluable to my heart."

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CAMBODIA   February 21-24, 2020

"I arrived tired & feeling spiritually dry, now I’m leaving rested, blessed by God’s love expressed thru human hands such as yours. I feel empowered to go out & continue serving our Father & my community in Cambodia."

"I have been above and beyond blessed by this retreat. I haven’t felt so spoiled in all my life. The love and gifts that have been poured out to me has overwhelming. As a missionary, we go long periods of time, even years, without having anyone pour back into us. I can’t say enough, thank you! I have made new friends and been spiritually & physically revived. I’m ready to get back into the battle!"


THAILAND      February 13 - 16, 2020


"This retreat has been an incredible blessing of rest, laughter, prayer, and new friendships! I have felt lonely and stuck in a place where making new relationships seemed too far out of reach. This special time with Azmera has brought new hope and sweet friendships over and over in the course of 4 days. It was a breath of fresh air and such a live-giving time. God used the retreat to encourage and bless us!"

"God moved here, greatly, palpably – through this team and through your prayers and support. This was one of those times the father met me personally (as well as MANY others here) and refilled our tanks – Refilled our strengths and spirits to journey on. This retreat has encouraged my souls and reignited some of my passion that has grown a bit weary over the years. I’m humbled, grateful, overwhelmed and deeply blessed."

ECUADOR     October 17-20, 2019

"I have been so blessed by being for once on the receiving end of being ministered to, lavishly spoiled, prayed for and counseled, encouraged in my walk with Jesus, being fed outrageously delicious food and spending time with people who know about personal struggles, failures, depression and burnout, who lovingly helped me to continue focusing on our Lord Jesus, paying attention to His voice and rejecting the lies of the accuser."

~ German serving in Ecuador

"God knows EXACTLY what I need. After my experience in the protests of Ecuador. I very much needed counseling and rest. I have slept, enjoyed nature, been pampered, and had professional help for my trauma. Living in a place where help and rest are hard to find, this is a treasure! " ~ American serving in Ecuador


INDONESIA (Bali)      April 11-14, 2019


"I have lived overseas for 14 years and have never been to anything like this. It was the most encouraging weekend I have ever had in my life. Since we taught at Christian Universities in S. Korea & Indonesia, we weren’t connected to a mission agency, so this was so needed for a Kingdom worker like me who has received almost 0 member care. We are transitioning soon, and I pray that many more people could experience this. Every volunteer & speaker reflected the Love of Christ. Jesus with skin on." 

~ American serving in Indonesia

"I came here burdened with so many ministry concerns and will be going back enlightened and full of hope, with increased faith to our gracious, loving God. May I continue to shine as LIGHT in the darkness in the community." ~ Filipino serving in Philipines

UGANDA     FEB 21 - 24, 2019

"Thank you for the opportunity to be loved on abundantly. One of the greatest gifts was solid teaching to empower and inspire me to go back home filled with the Spirit, to walk confidently in who God created me to be and do the work God has put before me through abiding in Him. This time was a beautiful space to be poured into and refreshed. " ~ American serving in Uganda

"This retreat has been a turning point in my life. Knowing that I am loved and that someone somewhere prays and intercedes for me is amazing. No matter what I go through, God is God and is with me. My life has been restored. Thank you. Let me go and shine this light out to my people and my community." ~ Ugandan serving in Uganda

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CYPRUS    NOV 8 - 11, 2018

Cyprus photo.jpg

"Words cannot express what this conference has done for us. I came not knowing what to expect, except that I had asked God that someone would speak into my life about something I had been praying.  God “wowed” me! He spoke! It was from someone I never expected and knew nothing about. I leave today so full, so loved!" ~ serving in Cyprus

"This retreat in Cyprus has been so life-changing for me. It gave me a new energy, renewed faith, new love, and excitement to build His Kingdom, and I feel that my cup is overflowing with joy, peace, and hope. I can’t wait to minister now with a renewed spirit and to encourage my family and co-laborers." ~ serving in Israel

COSTA RICA    APR 12 - 15, 2018

"This past weekend provided me with fellowship and worship in English. The love and gifts overflowed and made me feel so deeply loved. Most of all the prayers of these righteous women before, during and afterward are powerful and effective. Thank you for the opportunity to be refreshed, renewed, ministered to, pray for and deeply love. It truly was an honor to be part of this special weekend." ~ American serving in Costa Rica

THANK YOU! This retreat has been an answer to many prayers! I needed the time to connect with Jesus and hear from Him. I needed to connect with other Godly women who have lived or are living  what I am. I have been encouraged and challenged and am going back to work and love better with a. full tank of love." ~ Costs Rican serving in Costa Rica

Cambodia Azmera Retreat

CAMBODIA    FEB 8 - 11, 2018

Cambodia Azmera Retreat

“I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this retreat. I was feeling very confused/unsettled/stressed by decisions to be made and the circumstances and implications of those decisions. This retreat has given me the time and space to sort through some of all that. More importantly, it has refocused me on God and encouraged/inspired me to deepen my roots and water them well before the “next step” comes. I feel like I have regained my foundation of Christ! All this has come at a great time for me. I am so grateful for the scholarship that provided for me to come and for the workers who gave so much love, care, and encouragement to me. ~ American serving in Cambodia

“My spirit is lifted up through morning talks and small group time. This retreat is much beyond what I expected. I got one-on-one counseling and prayer time with the ladies. My questions were answered. All my burdens were laid down at the feet of Jesus... Now I can go back to serve with a joyful heart.” ~ Chinese serving in Cambodia

POLAND    OCT 20 - 23, 2017

“How can I possibly thank you enough for your generosity?.... You have blessed me so deeply… I came to the retreat battered and weary and I am leaving today feeling strengthened and energized… Every detail of these days created a strong sense of who God is and how much He loves us. The volunteers were truly the embrace of God for me. .” ~ Serving in the Czech Republic

“Words can’t begin to express how much this weekend has meant to me. God has met me here in my brokenness and has given me such great encouragement. Thanks for helping to make it possible for me to be here. I feel recommitted to following God in whatever He has for me in the coming season of life.”  ~ Serving in Hungary

Bolivia Azmera retreat

BOLIVIA     MAR 15-18, 2017

Bolivia Azmera retreat

"Personally, from this experience of the retreat, I have been cared for, I have been made to feel special, I have been reaffirmed in my gifting. God has totally used this time to bless me. It was very much needed during a dark time in ministry. Thank you for supporting this investment in my life.” American serving in Bolivia

“I want you to know what an amazing blessing this ministry is. Over the past few days I’ve witnessed hearts and lives changed. God was here and moving in each of our lives.  I am leaving today refreshed, renewed and knowing that I am 100% loved by our Savior. The memories I have made will last a lifetime. A truly impactful 3 days." 

American serving in Bolivia

KENYA        FEB 8-11, 2017

“I can’t begin to tell you what God has done in my life through the last few days of this retreat! Every day, we as woman, pour our lives out in service for Christ and others.  The goal is always to give out of the abundant excess that God has poured in, but lately, if I can be honest, the excess has not been there and the well has been dry, yet the demands keep coming. Having this time to get away, laugh, pray, and be prayed for, worship, and be quiet before my living Savior Jesus, has not only filled the tank but produced the overflow that I need daily. Not only that, but I have more clarity on the issues that depleted my will and what needs to change as a result!

~ American serving in Rwanda

 “I must say that this retreat was for me in particular. I lost my lovely son last year in Oct 22 and I did not know that my heart was full of tears and pain until I came here for the Azmera Haven Retreat. …Everyone accepted me the way I was and welcomed my tears. I realized I hadn’t checked my inner self for a long time. I praise God that the Holy Spirit pointed out my tears and pain, and now I am free and light in Jesus’s name.“ ~Ugandan serving in Uganda

Kenya azmera retreat

ISRAEL     SEP 19-22, 2016

Israel Azmera retreat

"This retreat has been so amazing for me – and such a great refresh for my soul. It has strengthened me to continue the work God has called me here. I am blessed and refreshed. Thank you for your sacrificial giving
that enables me – a Jewish girl to take par
t.” ~ Israeli ministering

in Israel

"There were so many moments at this retreat that I felt refreshed, encouraged, challenged, & empowered. I have never experienced such an edifying, life-giving group of women before! I am so excited to return home and use the ways I have been blessed her to bless others.” ~ American Military Wife ministering in Israel