Azmera STATESIDE Summit 2023 (mission event for women)

In August 2020 when very few were gathering, Azmera decided to host their first Stateside Summit for global workers who were in the US during the global pandemic.  One month later, 80 women from all over the US gathered to be encouraged and connected. 

Since then and after attending many mission conferences throughout the US, the vision for the STATESIDE Summit has grown to be more of a mission event for women. Past and present global workers, global outreach/missions teams, agency leaders, women with a heart for missions, etc. are ALL included.

Dates :: January 26 - 28, 2023

Bali Prayer .jpeg

Azmera PHILIPPINES Haven Retreat 2023 

Azmera VIETNAM Haven Retreat 2023

The Azmera team has made more and more connections to women ministering in the Philippines recently. With many of the women serving in this country dealing with very difficult covid restrictions, we are looking forward to being a breath of fresh air to many of them.

Palawan, Philippines.png

Attendee Dates ::  February 16 - 19, 2023

Volunteer Dates ::  February 11 - 21, 2023

Azmera tries to host haven retreats in each region every 2 years. We have now had the pleasure of meeting many global workers in Cambodia and Thailand. We are looking forward to honoring them as well as some new friends in Veitnam.

Vietnam Photo (VIETNAM 2020).png

Attendee Dates ::  February 24 - 27, 2023

Volunteer Dates ::  February 20 - March 1, 2023

Azmera COLOMBIA Haven Retreat 2023

Colombia Photo (COLOMBIA 2023).png

It's been a while since Azmera has been in Latin America. Sadly, it's not super affordable to travel from one Latin American country to another. Strategically we found Colombia to be fairly accessible. 

Attendee Dates ::  April 20 - 23, 2023

Volunteer Dates ::  April 16 - 25, 2023

Azmera GREECE Haven Retreat 2023

Azmera was able to host a "private" haven retreat in Greece in 2022. We loved it so much that we want to host a haven retreat in Greece that will include more global workers in the area. 

Attendee Dates ::  October 26 - 29, 2023

Volunteer Dates ::  October 23 - 31, 2023

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Azmera EGYPT Haven Retreat 2023

Egypt Photo (EGYPT 2023).jpeg

For years, we've wanted to host a haven retreat in Egypt. We anticipate serving lots of global workers, many new to us, in Egypt. 

Attendee Dates ::  November 2 - 5, 2023

Volunteer Dates ::  October 29 - November 7, 2023