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***Azmera is a registered 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!***

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Joy Beless.jpg

Joy Beless

Joy is a worshipper of God and a lover of people. After living overseas and launching four children, Joy started a worship ministry, The Invitation Project, with live worship events and lyric videos for personal and small group worship. As a spiritual director, she encourages others in their spiritual journey by seeing individuals and hosting solitude retreats. Currently living in the Dallas area – she loves being JoJo to six grandchildren and leading chapel at a homeless shelter for women and children. She enjoys songwriting and encouraging flowers to grow in the Texas heat. 

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Kari Berglund.jpg

Kari Berglund

Kari lives in Littleton, CO. She has 3 adult children that are all married and 2 grandsons. Kari spent most of her life homeschooling her kids. She really loves to come alongside women in their faith journey through prayer, encouragement, and Bible study. She has many global worker friends and enjoys the challenge of maintaining those friendships and partnering with what God is doing around the world in any way she can. In her free time, she pursues photography and anything crafty. 

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Faith DeLaCour.jpg

Faith DeLaCour

Faith has over 20 years of experience as a leader in global worker care, first in Japan with Asian Access and until her recent retirement, as the Chief People Officer for SIM USA. As a People Care and Leadership mentor, she continues to champion the need for intentional screening, quality preparation, ongoing care, and responsible stewardship of global workers sent by organizations and churches. 

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Dawn Freeland.jpg

Dawn Freeland

Dawn is a multimedia artist living in Dallas, TX. She grew up in Tennessee surrounded by music, art, and storytelling. Dawn has had the opportunity to live and minister in the Far East and Eastern Europe. She believes God is the ultimate Creator and she is but an artist reflecting Him through art, hospitality, and the encouragement of others. Her formal education was in nursing and she studied art in Japan, Virginia, the Maryland Institute of Art, and also studied Art and Trauma Healing at Dallas International University. She is honored to be able to use art to encourage women in ministry and in their relationship with Jesus. 

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Becca Gray.jpg

Becca Gray

Becca and her husband, Paul, used to live in Ethiopia where they worked and served at a hospital. Becca knows firsthand many of the challenges that come with ministry, and she is passionate about serving people in local or overseas ministry. They currently live in Fort Worth, Texas with their three children: Nathan (15), Lydia (13), and Elizabeth (6). Becca has a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Cross-Cultural Ministries and she spends her time volunteering for her kids’ schools, their church, and Azmera. 

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Ann Heinrich.jpg

Ann Heinrich

Jesus surprised Ann by giving her a love for women in the field, in just the past few years. She was the licensed counselor for the crew of Mercy Ship's AFM and served in West Africa and the Canaries from 2016-2019, seeing first-hand the needs of women serving Jesus in a unique way. She is a former teaching director of Community Bible Study and has a private counseling practice. She now lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband of many years! They have raised a crew of 6 kids, birth, adopted, and guardianship, and are the proud grandparents to 12.

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Shonna Ingram.jpg

Shonna Ingram

Shonna is the founder and creator of Renewed Hope Approach a program that provides a step-by-step approach to Post Trauma Care. She is a Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach specializing in crisis and trauma care, and a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute where she has trained hundreds of people in over 30 countries on how to integrate mental health into a biblical framework. She started her ministry journey as a pastor’s wife, then served in Africa, and now serves those in life transitions. She is working on her second series Your Next Fit which is geared towards returning global workers as they figure out their next season. 

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Liz Kamper.jpg

Liz Kamper

Liz recently moved to the United States after spending 11 years living, serving, and learning in Costa Rica with her husband and 4 kids. She is excited about walking with women, both abroad and stateside to strengthen, encourage, and provide spaces to process what God is doing in their lives. She loves rainy season, creating, and talking about how great Jesus is.  

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Annette Nicholl.jpg

Annette Nicholl

Annette Nicholl served with CRU campus ministry for 20 years, 8 Years in Irkutsk, Russia. Currently, she and her husband Spencer direct a small ministry in Ohio City Colorado called Big Horn Ministries. Their mission is to help people take their next step in life and toward Christ. They offer a place in their remote Colorado location for respite and rest for those who are in crisis, burned out or just need a break. She has two kiddos, Andrew (22) and Kate (18). 

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Alberta Wray.jpg

Alberta Wray

Alberta has served as a full-time global worker for the past 23 years, having lived in numerous countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Currently, she is based outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She has an MA in Member Care and that has been her emphasis over the past years providing debriefing with global workers, along with giving emotional and spiritual support along the way. She has served with multiple organizations through her nonprofit Caring For Those Those Who Care and she is also a part of the senior leadership team for OM USA. 

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***Azmera is a registered 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!***

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