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Together in Strength - Update from Kenya

The Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat is happening now with 33 attendees and 11 volunteers. Amazingly, all the volunteers and attendees came through all travel requirements and made it to be able to have this haven retreat together in Mombasa, Kenya.

Miracle after miracle transpired even before the retreat began.

Several volunteers had encountered unbelievable provision by God through their journey to serve with Azmera on this trip, and some even a multitude of works God had done for them. God provided paperwork from doctors, healed bodies, financial support and safe travel. In His overwhelming compassion, He enabled the ticket agent to turn a blind eye when one of the volunteers wasn’t going to be allowed on the flight due to an error on the ticket.

Now we are seeing the multitude of miracles and breakthroughs here in Kenya at this Azmera Haven retreat.

Attendees have experienced deep healings in body, mind and spirit while being prayed over. Hearts are being opened as God reveals himself. Volunteers that have served several times already have seen something special happening here and now.

“Refreshment is starting and the worship is OFF THE CHARTS!!”

-Volunteer Beth Kliewer of 5 Retreats

While Azmera hosted a retreat in this region in Uganda in 2019, God is doing a fresh work at this retreat.

Women who serve cross culturally are often the givers and it’s a beautiful transformation to see them respond to the lavish love poured over them. The home countries of our attendees include Bolivia, Mexico, USA, Tanzania, and Kenya, and they are serving in about a half dozen countries in this part of the world.

Worship leader, Debi Moore, has volunteered at 4 previous Azmera retreats. Debi has had a calling to serve overseas for a long time and has found Azmera to be a ministry that fits well with the calling she has. Many women have commented to her how much they have enjoyed singing familiar songs in English. Those who have been in missions for a long time find that the songs can change over time and the more recent ones may be unknown to them. Debi says:

“The worship has really penetrated their hearts, worshiping together in English.”

Azmera is a growing community of women, having started hosting haven retreats in 2016. It is comprised of both those who are blessed to attend and those called to volunteer. Several attendees have been able to attend other Azmera Haven retreats, both online and in person. Azmera Haven retreats and reconnecting with this community is becoming a rhythm of women coming together in strength.

An attendee shares her experience listening to “Hearing the Shepard’s Voice”, the theme talk by volunteer, Carey Holm, saying:

“My roommate and I have been very touched specifically by what the speaker said about listening to the Father’s voice. During my time here God has woven a few stories together, with people in my group and things that are going on in my home country and own family.”

All Azmera Haven retreats have certain things in common. There is worship, a special message, small groups, pedicures, a surprise party and the opportunity to make new friends and have time to share and be prayed over together. There is also time to rest and experience renewal, yet there’s always a uniqueness about how God is moving among women on retreat. One attendee said:

“The discussion among the tables with the ministry teams and workers encourages us and connects us with a worldwide sisterhood in a way this is incredibly meaningful, as many of us serve in isolating circumstances.”

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