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THAILAND Haven Retreat Prayer Calendar: February 14-20

Greetings from snowy (at the moment) Colorado! I hope you all are well and have experienced some sweet moments with the Lord through prayer this past week. I wanted to say “thank you” for walking with us through back-to-back retreats this time around; it’s been interesting figuring out how to work a prayer calendar out for so many different people and needs in a short amount of time. In that vein, please do not feel as though you have to pray for every prayer listed on each day, because I do realize it’s a lot! As always, my encouragement is to pray for what the Lord highlights for you from each day, maybe there is a concern or situation you have walked through and feel better equipped to pray for; God leads us through all kinds of circumstances and as we walk out of them we have new understanding of how to come alongside those in similar situations. Thanks for praying, thanks for allowing the Lord to lead you; my hope for you personally is that you will meet with God and encounter Him in new and precious ways as you pray for these dear ones connected in heart and spirit. - suzanna

February 14: Pray for the Retreat as it is in its first full day. Pray that all of the women will be getting good rest and finding quiet places to spend with the Lord and with one another as new friendships are built. Pray for the time of connection outside of the morning sessions - for mealtimes and free times and the times of afternoon activities. Ask that as the women connect with God and with one another, that walls may be broken down and truth, vulnerability and authenticity have space to be built.

Pray that the time spent in the evenings will be full of life, laughter and the Light of the Savior. Ask that each woman attending be reminded of how precious and delighted in she is. Thank God for the time given for worship and prayer, that in those moments the tender voice of the Father can be heard and the truth in His words will be received with grateful hearts.

A - Pray for her as she works with expectant families, as she supports those in difficult situations to remain healthy and birth healthy babies. Ask that she would know wisdom as she balances work that she loves with her family and their welfare. Pray that she would not be overcome by feeling as though she may be neglecting anyone she cares about but would give what she has and trust the Lord to fill in the gaps.

L - Pray for her to find rest and balance as she mothers seven kiddos - from 1 year old to a 10th grader. Ask that she would be given the wisdom needed to raise her children and be with each one of them where they need her most. Pray for her to have a good support

system around her who can help ease some of the daily stress that come with having children. And pray that she and her husband would have time together to connect and be themselves together without being in parent mode.

B - Pray that they would know peace in the team transitions as well as deciding what their next steps are going to be. Ask that God would speak clearly to them and they would follow His leading without second-guessing or doubt at His voice. Pray for peace in their home as there are lots of emotions every day (3 girls 😉), that there would be kindness and laughter to outweigh the tiredness and stress that come at the end of the day.

J - Pray for her heart to know with confidence that God is with her and for her, as she walks through a pregnancy loss and is walking towards physical and emotional healing. Ask that God continue to reveal His presence and His love for her as she grieves; pray that she would know that He is safe to bring questions, doubt and anger to, that He desires her to bring Him her whole self. Pray for their family to know God’s abundant provision to supply every need they have - financial, physical, spiritual and emotional.

A - Pray for her to know confidence and peace if she needs to step back from things as the Lord leads her. Ask that she would find time to sit and be still before God, to allow Him to speak direction and leading in her life, and to speak love and delight in her. Pray that He would cover her with protection as He speaks truth to her, that the cross would stand guard over her and block out any lies and falsehood that may be trying to break in. Pray for her to know that God fights mightily for her in the spiritual realm, and that the battle can already be named victorious.

February 15: Pray for breakthrough to happen today, whether that is in worship, through the speaker, in Connection Circles (small groups), in Breakout sessions, in Counseling or in time alone or with one or two others, pray for breakthrough to take place, as God has willed it and as He has worked to bring the women to this point. Ask that there be grace and protection over those moments, that only the fire and power of the Holy Spirit is allowed room to move and breathe, that the hard and holy work of God can continue taking place. Also pray continued protection over the women as they meet in the various settings, that the Light of Jesus will blaze so brightly not even a shadow of darkness is allowed in.

J - Pray for her desire for family, that God would bless her body with a baby and would protect her during pregnancy. Pray as well for wisdom and discernment as she and her husband look ahead to the next several years and plan on any changes that may be coming their way. Ask for financial provision and a clear sense of direction as they follow God; and as they follow Him it would be with whole hearts fully given to Him and to one another.

C - Ask the Lord to cover her from head to foot with healing over her body and mind, as she deals with stress and health issues. Pray for wisdom as she relates stress to health, that she would learn to give things over to God and trust Him to be good enough to hold them for her, so that she can rest her heart, mind and body and allow healing to flow in and over her. Pray that as she rests in the Lord, she would know that He desires her just as she is and that He always invites her to take a step closer to Him. Pray that she would know that her walk with God doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s because she is unique and special to Him just as He created her.

E - Pray for her to know that God is with her, and that He is more than delighted to carry her burdens for her. Ask that she would know that He is not disappointed in her, that He gives her what she needs as the need arises, and that He has gifted her intentionally and with purpose for the tasks at hand. Pray that she would find freedom, peace and joy as she releases things she’s carrying into His hands.

K - Pray that she would know that God provides every cent that is needed, as the need arises. Ask that she would be given new vision to see where He has provided in the past, to grow her faith to know He will always provide for today and all of the tomorrows. Pray that she will be given the rest she desires, to be renewed and restored in heart, soul, mind and strength.

H - She needs rest, pray that she would see areas and times in her daily routine where she can step aside for a moment and reconnect with her Lord, to find rest for her soul. Pray that she would also make space to rest physically and mentally, and to realize that rest looks different for every person. Pray that God would send more workers to her field, to help carry the load that heavy, that He would provide people to come alongside her and relieve some of the burden. She longs to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done, pray that He shows her glimpses of how that is being carried out in her life right now.

February 16: Pray for the retreat as it finishes up today. Pray that the things that were spoken, shared, heard and received will be planted and protected by the Father; ask that the work that has begun in the women’s lives during this time will be given the space and air needed to grow and continue as the women head back to their homes. Pray that they will all leave feeling encouraged, refreshed, and with a new depth of intimacy with their Father in heaven.

Pray for the THAILAND Connection Crew as they send off the women they have loved and served for the past few days; pray they will see evidence of the good work of God and will be encouraged and given hope for what He has been doing. Pray for safe places for each of the Connection Crew to rest and process the conversations and lives they have been a part of for the past few days.

Pray for the CAMBODIA Connection Crew as they begin their travels to Cambodia. Pray for protection and safety on all flights and modes of transportation, for good connections, good seating arrangements and health and rest over each woman as she travels. Pray for a sense of unity and connection among this team, especially as there will be some crossover between a few of the women already in Thailand and the rest coming in fresh to build a new team.

K - She is in the midst of transition with a newly adopted Thai son. Praise Jesus for this miracle and blessing in both her life and his. Ask that the challenges that come with adoption would be met with grace and wisdom, and that she would have people in her life to speak encouragement, truth and to come alongside her to help. Pray that God would bring people into her life that can relate to the season she is in, to offer wisdom and hope on the harder days. Pray that she would be confident in who God has made her to be as she walks into a new season as a new mother.

S - Pray for her father and his heart health, especially as she is away from him and from her family. Pray for healing and restored wholeness and health in her father’s life. Ask that she would know peace in the sovereignty of God, that He is with her father in the same moment He is with her. Pray that she would maintain focus on the work at hand, as she trusts God with her family that is far away.

S - Pray that God would raise up new people to come alongside her in financial support as she lives and serves overseas. Pray that she would hold fast to Philippians 4:19 (my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus) and know that God alone is her provider, and by His hand alone He will provide. Also pray for those who have had to stop their support for various life reasons, that they will know confidently that God will provide for their needs as well, that He causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him, who He has called according to His purpose.

February 17: Today we begin to cross over from our THAILAND Haven Retreat to the CAMBODIA Haven Retreat. Thank you for being a part of both retreats, we are so grateful for you.

Pray for the women who have arrived home or are still traveling, for protection over their journey’s and a continued sense of the Lord’s presence and power with them. Pray that as they get back home to all the things they left behind, they would carry with them the words they received as well as the attitude of light and grace that comes with being in God’s presence in a concentrated atmosphere. Pray for joy as they jump back into their schedules, family time and ministry they were able to step away from.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend time together debriefing, sharing with one another how they saw God work and the burdens they may be carrying from the past few days. Ask that there would be grace and space given to process with the Lord in a safe and healthy way for each woman. Pray for time to relax and connect with one another and to not feel pressured to “be” or “do” things in a certain way.

Pray for the hotel staff and drivers that have come in contact with the women at the THAILAND Haven Retreat, for them to know something different with this group of women - that is the Lord’s presence - and be drawn to Jesus because of how they saw Him exemplified over the past week. Ask that He would have workers ready and waiting to come alongside them to walk with them towards the cross, to be available to answer questions and love them with grace and humility.

Pray for the hotel staff and drivers that will be in contact with the women at the CAMBODIA Haven retreat; pray that as God has softened their hearts to the work He is doing, they will be drawn even more towards Him through the interactions they have with the Azmera people and the women at the retreat. Pray for every inch of ground that we will use to be sanctified, protected and set apart as holy for the work that is at hand.

February 18: Pray for the women from the Thailand Connection Crew who begin their journey home today. Pray for safety, peace of mind and protection over them over the next long bit of travel. Ask for good weather, good flights and seats, and holy moments to continue to connect with one another and share their experiences of their time in Thailand.

Pray for the Cambodia Connection Crew as they will all be in Sihanoukville together and begin the work of getting to know one another and building the team that will serve this Haven Retreat. Pray for the ones coming from Thailand to be able to smoothly switch gears and be present and rested for their time with a new team and a new set of women to serve. Ask that this team be unified and melded together as one in the name of the Lord. Pray for grace given and received, joy and laughter to be abundant, and a unique sense of anticipation for what God is going to do over the next several days. Pray that there would be a sense of calm and peace over this team as there is much work to do and a short amount of time in which to do it.

Pray for the speaker for the CAMBODIA Haven Retreat, Beth, as she finishes preparations and spends time with the Lord in anticipation of the words she will share. Pray for her to know an extra layer of protection over her heart and mouth as she shares boldly and gently what God has placed on her heart; ask that she have an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and be faithful and obedient to follow Him as He leads.

Pray for the worship leader, Debi, as she prepares to lead a new set of women into the presence of the King.

Pray for protection over her voice and her hands as she gives herself continually to the Lord. Ask that she remain faithful to that which she has been called and will trust God to provide what she needs as He delights in the praise and worship of those He has created in His image. Pray for the times of corporate worship, prayer and speaking to be filled with the power and movement of the Holy Spirit.

February 19: Pray for Tani in her role as Retreat Manager; ask for wisdom and discernment for her as she guides the retreat and is a point person for the Connection Crew. Pray for Christina as she oversees people and details and desires for this retreat to meet the needs of the women attending.

Pray for the counselors, Liz and Kristin, to be unified in heart and mind, for wisdom in sharing the responsibility of counseling those in need. Ask that they would lean in to the voice of their Father and trust Him to be with them, to give them words to say and spirits of compassion and truth.

Pray for Jane, Dawn and Kristin as they lead the Breakaway sessions and the Create Station (Dawn); pray the would follow the leading of the Lord as they teach and share what has been given to them, and would be willing to step aside and give room for the Holy Spirit to move in ways they might not necessarily choose.

N - Pray for a renewed sense of what God is doing in her life and in the world around her. Ask that she be given a new perspective on how God is at work and would feel encouraged that even when she can’t see it, God is always at work. Pray for her to know Him uniquely as He meets her where she is and speaks truth and love over her. Pray for opportunity for her to step even deeper into faith and trust in her walk with Him.

February 20: Pray for those serving through Pedicures - Karla, Judy, Patti, Michelle; pray they would know God’s smile over them as they serve the women through practical touch and love through prayer. Ask God to bless the work of their hands and the words of their mouths as they walk in obedience to Him and love for those they serve.

Pray that the women in the Connection Crew would have fun together, would walk in unity and would be encouragement and hope to not only those attending but to one another as well. Ask for joy over this group of women as they spend time together putting together the final details in place for the retreat.

R - There is hope to expand their ministry to another city, so please pray for provision with finances and a staff for this new ministry. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they follow God’s leading and trust Him to provide for every need and detail as it arises. Ask for her to have opportunity to mentor/disciple some young women who are stepping into the ministry field, that she would know she has wisdom and experience to offer and a unique perspective to give, that she would not let fear or comfort to hold her back.

K - Pray for her to find the deep rest and renewal that she is longing for, as she comes out of a very challenging 2019 in which she experienced the death of her father and her second child leaving for college. Pray that this time at the retreat would be the rest her soul has been longing for, and that she would connect with God in a way that her spirit has been crying out for. Ask that she would find the right place she has been needing to grieve and connect with God on a heart level that perhaps has been hidden or pushed away.

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