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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 21-28)

Hello, dear Friends and Prayer Partners!

Thank you for being here to pray for the Stateside Retreat this week, and for praying for all the women who will be attending and volunteering - your prayers resound in heaven. We had quite a few last-minute registrations, so there is a lot of prayer requests for this week; please don’t feel like you have to pray for every person, but allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you pray. - suzanna

September 21

K - Pray for her to find balance and give the right amount of time to all of the things that ask for her time and attention - work, ministry, family, friends. Pray that she would define healthy boundaries in her life and walk in fullness of life and joy as she chooses what does bring her life. Ask that God would protect her and the boundaries she sets, that she would see His hand over and all around her and would know how loved she is by Him.

L - Pray for the relationships and people in her country of service, as she misses them and is eager to return after coming back to the U.S. because of Covid. Pray that she will be patient in her waiting to return and would see God at work around her. Ask that she continue to trust God to be active and working wherever she is, and in the places she desires to be.

L - Pray for her as she struggles to adjust to being in CO after living in Honduras for three years and originally being from the East Coast; pray she would seek and see God’s provision of a church and community to connect with and find her place in. Pray that God would bring beautiful friendships into her life and speak life and fullness into the areas she feels lonely and alone.

J - Pray that she would look her equivalent of “quiet waters” and find rest for her soul, her heart, her body. Ask that she would trust God with the weights and burdens she is carrying for others, and would be able to lay them at His feet and rest in Him. Pray that as she rests God would restore her and would bring new life and joy to her.

L - Pray for her friends in the Middle East who recently came to know Jesus, who don’t know many other believers. Please ask God to protect them as they grow in their walk with the Lord, and as their family and friends may come to know of their new faith. Ask that God would bring people into their lives to walk alongside them in their faith journey, to encourage them and show them who Jesus is. Pray Lorelai would trust God to be enough for her friends and to show them and her all the things He can do because He is good, He is God, and He will always be with His children.

September 22

N - Pray for her and her family as they look ahead to an uncertain future with ministry, with teams and with the world in general. Ask that they would choose faith each day as God reveals His purpose and plans for them, and that they would walk in peace and confidence that nothing is outside the realm of God’s reach. Pray for calm hearts and eyes and ears that would be open and attentive to what the Lord is doing.

D - Pray for her as she settles into a new job working with a different age set than she has before; pray that she would find joy as she learns and would continue to see God’s presence all around her. Also pray for her husband as he travels out of country for work, for wisdom in how to move forward with so many countries placing a hold on American’s entering.

S - Pray for her and her family as they adjust to being back in the States after eight years in Spain, as they care for their parents and try to find their footing here. Ask for the Lord to provide friendships and community as they transition and look ahead to what the next several months have in store. Pray for peace and trust as they look to God to provide for every need.

S - Pray that as she walks through this season she’s in, she would gain confidence in who she is in Christ - that in Him she is enough, she is capable and able and fully gifted for what lies before her. Pray that God would open her eyes to the goodness and beauty not only around her, but within her as she is a daughter created in the image of a good and loving Father.

K - Pray for her and her family as they as they process the sudden exit of their country of service; pray they would allow themselves the space to grieve and would have people around them to support them in their grief and transition. Ask that they would see the grace given to them by God, and would be able to see His hand at work even in the unexpected situations, that they would know His power and presence in the uncertainty of this season in their lives.

September 23

M L - Pray for her as she desires time to be at this Stateside retreat, in her longing for her walk with the Lord to be refreshed and renewed. Pray that He would make a way for her to attend, that the details would be in place by His hand, and that what He has in store for her over these few days would be life-giving and life-changing.

P - Pray for her heart and soul as she is desiring a renewal and freshening of her walk with God. Ask that she would have a soft and open heart to what God is doing in her life, and that she would walk and sit with open hands before Him. Pray that she would see Him and experience Him in deep, intimate ways that she hasn’t known before.

C - Pray for her as the weight of the world situation is heavy on her heart - the loss and illness all around, and especially among her friends and supporters. Ask that God would open her eyes to see how and where He is working and moving, that she would be given a new wellspring of joy as she looks to Him with weary eyes and heart. Pray that she would know His presence and that His presence in her life would change everything for her.

K - Pray for her as she navigates the recent death of her Mom to cancer; pray that she would experience the Lord’s abundant grace, comfort and love as He sits with her in the grief. Ask that she would know God’s leading as she also recovers from the journey of being her Mom’s care giver, that she would see what the next steps are and be able to begin to see the beauty of the time she had with her mother.

B - Pray that she would know God to be constant and stable in the midst of transition and so much that is unstable in her life right now; pray that she would make time to find a secret place with the Lord to allow Him to speak truth, love and hope over her as she deals with her parent’s quickly declining health, her firstborn having autism and the struggle of starting over from scratch. Ask that God would provide abundantly for her in finances, support and friendships as she navigates this very difficult season; pray that she would find hope and so much joy in Jesus.

September 24

The Retreat starts today! Please pray that this time over the next few days would be filled with the presence of God, there would be a covering of protection over all the spaces used, and there would be room for the Holy Spirit to move and work in power for the glory of God. Pray that the volunteer team would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and would be bold to step aside human agenda and desire and allow Jesus to begin/continue the work that He has begun in the women’s lives.

K - Pray for protection for her as she travels and reconnects with family members during this unexpected time back in the States. Pray that she would allow God to make room for conversations of faith with family members who don’t yet believe in Jesus; ask that she would be gentle and compassionate in her conversations as she connects with family she hasn’t been able to spend time with in years. Pray that she would know peace and be rooted in Christ as she waits on God to continue to reveal His plan and timing in her life.

J - Pray for her and her family as they eagerly await their return to Guatemala and trust in the Lord’s timing. Pray for endurance and energy in the continual use of technology to stay connected and work, as it can become tiresome. Ask that God would continue to abundantly provide and supply all of their needs, that they would see His provision and know delight in how He loves them.

C - Pray for healing in her body - for the seen and unseen, known and unknown; pray that God would restore health and wholeness to her body. Ask that as He heals physically He would also heal relationships and restore trust and faith where it has been broken. Pray that she would continue to choose to trust God and look to Him to be her provision.

J - Pray for her as she takes the comprehensive exams to complete her Master’s in Counseling on Friday, Sept 25th. Ask that she would be calm, focused and trust God to be with her as takes the final steps at the end of this part of her journey. Pray that she would be filled with peace and joy as she looks ahead towards what is yet to come.

R - Pray for her as she seeks God for direction and clarity, that she would see how He is clearing the path for her. Ask that she would see how God’s heart for her is not confusion, worry, anxiety or stress, but that what He longs for her is for her to see through the cobwebs to the clear and open space on the other side, and that He will make a way for her where there seems to be no way. Pray He will protect her and go before her as she looks to Him and fights for truth and peace in heart, mind, soul and strength.

September 25

Pray for the retreat in its full day today, with speakers, worship, workshop and many activities offered, that there would be holy moments and places where the women can connect with one another, but even more so to connect with God and know the fullness of His love, grace and delight in them. Pray that there would be room given to the Holy Spirit to speak healing, brokenness and truth in the hearts of those He has prepared for those moments.

J - Please pray that she would look to God to bring her heart to wholeness and fullness of life once again. Ask that she would find space to pause and be in the moment with the Lord and allow Him to speak truth, comfort and healing over her. Pray that she would claim and cling to the promises of God of His goodness, His love and His grace.

K - Pray for her and her family as they are ready to be back in India, and as they wait on passport applications for Pakistan as a soft-landing place until they can get back to India; pray they would trust in the Lord’s timing and follow His leading as He orchestrates His plans for them. Ask for wisdom and discernment as they look ahead to her pregnancy due date in April and figuring out where to stay in the months leading up to the delivery.

D - Pray for her desire for connection and restoration to be made complete in Christ. Ask that God would bring some good women into her life to encourage, walk with and point her towards Jesus on a consistent basis. Ask God to restore what has been lost in her life and heart, and that she would look to Him and wait patiently as He works out all things for her good. Pray that she would find peace, rest and joy in Christ alone.

A - Pray that she would be blessed during this retreat, as she steps out in faith and out of her comfort zone to serve at a women’s retreat. Ask that she would see God move as He uses her and the gifts He has given her; pray that she would have a soft and open heart towards the women she encounters, that she will see them how God sees them and be filled with love, compassion and grace as she sets aside her own fears and walks in vulnerability and truth.

A - Pray for a renewed sense of endurance and hope as she continues to wait to return to Myanmar after returning the U.S. in April. Pray that she would see where God is working in her own life and heart in this interrupted season, and would be filled with hope and anticipation for all that is yet to come.

September 26

The Retreat wraps up today! Pray that the final hours spent together would be filled with worship and joy. Pray there would be continued moments of healing and breakthrough, and that hearts would be filled to overflowing with light, life and the fullness that comes with being in the presence of God. Pray that as each woman departs she would be encouraged, renewed and filled with hope.

M - Pray for peace, stability and the provision of the Father as she and her family prepare for another move on October 1st. Ask that God would continue to go before them and prepare a place of rest and comfort. Pray they would look to God to be their provision and the light of life.

A - Pray for God to provide in the beautiful way that He does; as she and her husband wait for jobs/income, ask that God would bring connections and opportunities to their doorstep. Pray that she would know the Lord’s sustainment as she waits on Him, that there would be joy and hope and anticipation in the waiting.

B - Pray that they would walk in confidence as God guides their steps as they begin ministry here in the U.S., and as they wait for borders to reopen. Ask that they would see God in the unexpected, and would be filled with joy and laughter as they walk in trust where God leads them.

K - Pray for them as they seek continued financial support, with the challenges that have come with Covid in not being able to meet with people in settings that we have all once known. Pray that they would trust God to be their provision and to have faith that He will always provide for their needs. Ask that God would bring people into their lives to help them process the unexpected transition back to the U.S., that there would be healing and restored trust in God.

S - Pray for rest, healing and direction from God. Pray for protection for her husband as he travels back and forth from Haiti to the U.S. to keep things running. Ask that God would give wisdom and discernment in what this season of ministry and life looks like, that they would offer to Him their hearts and hopes with open hands.

September 27

W - Pray for direction and wisdom in what to do with their house in their country of service, as they look ahead to transitioning back to the States. Ask that God would provide the resources and people needed to keep things running, or to clean and pack for them. Pray that God would continue to open doors and show the way as they make plans and take steps for what comes next.

G - Pray for her and her husband as they adjust to being new empty-nesters; pray they would find balance and a healthy routine as they transition to being just the two of them. Ask that there would be a renewed light and joy in their marriage as figure out what this new stage of life looks like. Pray also for their youngest daughter who is also adjusting to being on her own, as she misses her family and is homesick pray that God would bring good people into her life to be community and family-away-from-family for her.

A - Pray that God would continue to open doors for the expansion of her ministry, that He would pour out provision and resources beyond what she has prayed for. Ask that she would recognize how God is blessing the work of her hands, and that she would continue to give Him all the praise and glory for the work He is doing and is using her to do. Pray that her joy and delight in God would be new every morning.z

D - Pray that she would find time to sit and be still with God, to allow Him to speak direction and leading in her life as she looks ahead towards the future. Ask that she would see where God is working around her and would be willing to jump in and be available to use the gifts that He has given her. Pray for her desire for revival in the U.S. to come to life in her community, that she would be given they eyes to see where He is renewing life and raising up people around her with kingdom-mind outlook.

M - Pray that the things she learns/is reminded of/encounters at this retreat will be deeply rooted in her heart and mind, that she will be encouraged and restored in areas of her heart that she wasn’t even aware of. Ask that she will put into practice the things she learns, and that time alone with Jesus will become a priority and lifeline for her. Pray that she will know God’s love for her in deep, sweet ways.

September 28

B - Pray for her visa application to be approved, so that she can return to Malawi with the borders recently reopening, with limitations. Pray that as she trusts God to provide all things within His timing, there will be joy in the waiting and faith that He is sovereign and good in all things, in all situations. Pray that she would hear reports of ministry in Malawi that would encourage her heart and remind her that God is so much bigger than all of these earthly things.

K - Pray her family’s visas would be renewed so they can return to Asia. Pray that as they are here in the States they would use their time wisely with a good balance of fun, rest and ministry. Pray for the time they spend with their family, that they would see God at work and be encouraged that He is moving all things for salvation and His glory.

M - Pray for her to know fullness of joy in life and ministry, in the time she spends serving others and the time she spends with family. Ask that God would continue to bless the work of her hands, that her heart would continue to be softened towards Him and to what He is working in her life and heart. Pray that she would come before Him with joy and thanksgiving for who He is, what He has done, and what He is continuing to work in her life.

N - Pray for her family as they are here in the States, transitioning and adjusting the flow of things here. Pray for her son as they help him transition and prepare for a different rhythm of life here with getting a driver’s license and going to school; ask that he would find good friends who will encourage him and give him grace as he transitions.

L - Pray for wisdom, knowledge and discernment as she seeks the Lord’s leading in what her next steps need to be - returning overseas, and if so where and with what organization. Ask that she would give herself space and time to sit with God and allow Him to speak truth and guidance over her, and that she would not second-guess His leading but would walk in perfect peace and confidence as He shows her what is next.

C - Pray for her to know that the next steps are in ministry opportunities she has in the community where she lives, that she would be aware and alert to what God is doing and how she can use the gifts He has given her. Ask that He would go before her and bless the time she has with her friend as they travel to the Retreat, and for the stops they will make along the way; pray for protection and safety as they travel and for their friendship to be an encouragement to one another and to those they encounter.

That’s it! This is a wrap on the Stateside Haven Retreat. As always we extend our deepest gratitude to you for the time you have given to pray for the women involved in this retreat. We believe prayer makes all the difference and we love that you choose to join Azmera’s ministry in this way. May you be blessed this week as you spend time with Jesus; may you know the divine intervention of God in the things you are praying for in your own life; may you see His hand at work and know that He is the God of miracles and the God who will always make a way; may you be blessed with the fullness of joy, with the delight of a God who loves you so much, and with the promise of hope.

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