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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 Prayer Calendar | February 28-March 5

Well Friends, here we are - the last week of praying for our Thailand and Cambodia Haven Retreats. We again humbly thank you for journeying with us, we are so grateful for you. I hope this last week of prayer is encouraging and life-giving to you, as you spend time with the Lord and allow Him to lead you as you spend time with Him in prayer. Know that your prayers and the time you are giving in this way are important and make a difference. ~suzanna

February 28:

Pray for all of the women from both retreats, as they settle back into their routines while looking ahead to what the coming months hold; pray they would hold fast to the things they experienced and the encounters they had with God and the Holy Spirit. Pray they would continue to walk in freedom and boldness and with hearts of gratitude for the grace given to them. Ask that they would know the power of the Holy Spirit within them as they speak truth and share the things they’ve learned. Pray they would know joy in all seasons.

R - Pray that she would choose courage to be who God has created and called her to be, that she would not be afraid to live the life worthy of the calling she has received. Ask that as she walks boldly in the truth of who she is that she would know freedom and the delight of God as He sings over her. Pray that she would be a light in the darkness around her and that many would come to know Jesus because of her life and obedience to Christ.

P - Pray that she would see God’s hand continually over the work of her own hands, especially in the programs and activities she oversees. Pray she would walk into these things with excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do and how He is going to work. Pray that she would know that she brings light and joy wherever she goes as she trusts God to lead her and provide for her.

L - Pray that they would see very clearly the ways in which God provides for them, as He calls people to support them financially beyond what they expect. Ask that they would not worry about the tomorrow’s but would live fully present and full of trust in every today. Pray that she would walk with grace, patience, joy, and wisdom as she serves those around her. Pray that she would receive encouragement and words of life when she needs it the most.

February 29:

Pray for the Connection Crew from both retreats as they settle back into routines and work as well, that they things they witnessed and experienced would settle deep within their heart and souls, as they allow God to continue to speak truth and light over them as well. Ask for a renewed sense of the awareness of God with them throughout each day, that as they have seen Him at work overseas, they would see Him at work in their everyday lives and circumstances. Pray they would look to Him for direction and leading in what comes next in their lives.

F - Pray that she would not be afraid to ask Jesus for more, that she would ask in faith and courage and would not limit what she thinks God can do based on what mankind can do. Ask that God would increase her faith through circumstances and situations where things may seem impossible, pray that He would move mountains and give her eyes to see the work and miracles she is in the midst of. Pray that she would never tire of coming before Him and allowing Him to fill her up until her cup runs over.

Y - Pray for an increase in grace and patience in her home, as she homeschools her three kids; ask that she would find time each day to ground herself in God’s presence and that out of that grounding would flow life and kindness to everyone she interacts with throughout the day. Ask that God would provide a good community of women for her to connect with who can relate to her season of life and speak encouragement over her.

March 1:

Pray for the local churches, ministries, and people where the women who attended the retreat are involved. Ask that the women will have discernment and wisdom in sharing what they experienced and that the people hearing would listen with open ears and soft hearts. Pray for a greater stirring of the Holy Spirit for truth and freedom in the communities where these women live.

J - Pray that God would open her ears and mind even more as she is in the midst of learning a new language; pray that she would not become frustrated or impatient through the process, but trust that God has her in this time and with the people teaching her for a reason. Ask that she would be aware of all the natural opportunities she has to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those she interacts with on a daily basis.

E - Pray that as she desires to submit her life to God’s will that she would not be afraid of the opportunities to do so, but would walk in grace and faith as He asks things of her she may not expect. Ask that as she looks to Him and trusts Him that her heart and life will continually be transformed as she renews her mind and trusts Him with her heart. Pray that there will be protection over her from the powers of darkness as she chooses God first and walks into places where the light is not welcome.

March 2:

Pray for the churches, organizations, and people that support the women who attended the retreat - both financially and in all the other ways they are supported. Ask that God would abundantly bless those who have stepped in the gap for the women and their families and give of their time, emotions and finance on behalf of the women; pray that God would continue to be the acknowledged as the One who is the ultimate provision and that He would receive the glory due His name. Pray that those who support from a distance would know their gifts not only encourage and support the ones overseas, but are beautiful pieces that are building the Kingdom of heaven here on earth.

V - Pray that she would be able to stop and look back over the past few months and clearly see the ways in which God has provided and in doing so would find time to sit and allow her heart to be filled with gratitude and praise. Pray that as she gives time to teaching each week as well as being home with her four children, she would be able to balance and prioritize both of those things in ways that leave no one wanting and her feeling refreshed and renewed each day.

C - She has a very specific need for a physiotherapist to come alongside and work with her and the children with disabilities that she works with. Ask that God would provide above and beyond what she is asking and that His provision and faithfulness in this story will reach far and wide so that His glory and His name will be great. Pray that she would be given the energy, focus and rest she needs each day as she gives of herself in ways that carry a different weight.

March 3:

Pray for Azmera and its continued ministry and presence around the world. Pray for those in charge to be given an extra dose of sensitivity to the Lord’s leading, to be able to sit and be still and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to be obedient to where He leads, however uncomfortable or unexpected. Praise Him for how He has used this ministry in so many significant ways in hundreds of lives across the globe, ask that the work He has begun in so many lives will continue to grow and expand as His name is glorified and made known among the nations. Pray for protection and peace over Azmera, that it would be truly God’s, and that if He is for it then nothing will be able to stand against it.

M - Pray that as she seeks God about direction for her future, she would give Him space to speak and show her what He has for her. Pray for a spirit of wisdom, discernment, and boldness and she follows Him and makes decisions in faith. Pray that God would block her heart, mind, eyes, and ears from anything that’s not from Him, that He would protect her and she would know and trust His voice alone.

T - Pray for her husband David’s health - he suffers from recurring shingles and sleep apnea. Pray for peace and comfort as they trust God to heal him by the Name of Jesus. Ask for her to be able to sleep well and be renewed in heart and mind as she cares for her husband and gives herself to the ministries and relationships she has chosen. Pray that God’s name would be glorified through their lives in all seasons and situations.

March 4:

Pray for the work of the Church across the world - that God would move in power and in might, that those who have never heard His name or doubt that He is real would see Him and know Him and people would come to Him and claim Him as their own. Pray for the persecution of the Church, that those willing to lay down their lives would be protected and guarded by the angel armies of heaven, that every breath and life given would be done for the glory of the Name of the Lord, and that His glory and renown would be known over every tribe, tongue, and nation. Pray for boldness of tongue as truth is spoken, pray for love to be shown in greater and more tangible measure, and pray for grace to be evident in all those who walk in His name.

S - She longs for the teachers she works with to open their hearts to Jesus; pray that she would take the times and opportunities that arise to share God with them in a non-threatening way, and as she shares her story with them their hearts would be soft and open to the work God has been doing in their lives. Pray for protection over her and wisdom as she shares. Ask that she would look ahead with excitement to the day she will be able to call them brothers and sisters, and trust in God’s perfect timing in all things.

J - Pray for an increase in wisdom as she lives and walks among those she serves, that she would see God at work in small ways and know that He is always working bigger things beyond what she can see. Ask that she would know without doubt of the ways He has and is sustaining her, fighting for her and providing for the things she may not even realize she needs. Pray that she would have a wellspring of joy deep within her as she follows God and that it would overflow into everything she puts her hands to.

March 5:

Today wraps up our prayer journey for Thailand and Cambodia - and we will say it again, “Thank you!” We are so grateful for your participation and presence in spirit throughout both of these Haven Retreats. Today, as we eagerly look ahead towards Easter and all that comes “next,” I’d love to encourage you to spend some time praying for the Lord’s direction in your own heart and life; pray that as you continue to trust Him and walk with Him, that He will reveal new parts of who He is to you that you haven’t yet experienced. Ask that as you look to Him daily, He would help you be aware of His presence and power all around you. Spend some time listening to how He responds to you, and be encouraged to push through what may be a few uncomfortable moments of silence, trusting that He will speak to you, and longs to do so.

Now my prayer for you is this, may you walk in grace, truth, and love, even more, each day as you seek God’s face and allow Him to pour Himself into you. May you be a person of courage and boldness to proclaim who God is to you, and to speak truth in love and kindness at every turn. May you know the fullness of God’s love for you, and in turn pour out love on those you encounter. May you be blessed and encouraged as you walk through each day, knowing you are not alone and that one so much greater is fighting for you.  Hugs and prayers, suzanna

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