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Azmera VIETNAM Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 26-March 5)

Hello, once again! We are wrapping up our Vietnam Haven Retreat this week, and are looking ahead to finishing our prayers over and for those attending and volunteering. Thank you for walking with us these past weeks, we are so grateful. Our prayer over you this week is that you would encounter Jesus in a way that is specific and precious to your heart and where you find yourself this week; even as you spend the time praying for others we hope that you are refreshed, energized, and encouraged as you spend time with the Lord. The reminder stays the same in praying as the Holy Spirit leads, allowing Him to highlight the prayer suggestions that He has set aside for you.

Sunday, February 26

Pray for the women as they gather to worship, share the things they’re learning, and connect with one another in transparent and vulnerable ways. Pray that each table and meeting space would be a protected and holy space where there is safety and freedom to share honestly and without fear of judgment or condemnation. Ask for a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and movement as He longs to meet with each woman and speak truth, love, and kindness to her.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they continue to give of themselves and make space for the women they interact with. Ask that they would be given the rest and energy needed for today, for the tasks and encounters they will have. Pray that each woman on this Connection Crew will lean in towards the Lord and will listen intently for His voice, and will be bold and obedient to follow His leading and accept the invitations He will offer.

Pray for S as she spends time counseling women one-on-one, that she would be sensitive to the voice of the Lord and would be obedient to His leading. Ask for protection over her a deep awareness of the Holy Spirit with her as she listens and speaks with each woman who comes to her for care.

Pray for B as she spends time with women who come looking for inner healing prayer, that God would protect the words of her mouth and that the women would be protected from hearing anything that is not of the Lord; pray that Beth would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and would speak and wait in obedience and trust.

Monday, February 27

The Vietnam Haven Retreat ends today! Pray for the final times of teaching, worship, and connection to be filled with light, hope, and anticipation for what God is and will be doing. Pray that the words of Truth that have been spoken and sanctified by the Holy Spirit will be sealed in each heart and mind and that anything said, done, or witnessed that is not of God will be wiped away in the Name of Jesus.

Pray for the women as they begin their journey back home, that they would be leaving with full hearts and a renewed sense of hope and peace. Pray for protection over each one in her travels, for safety and smooth connections. Pray that the things they heard and experienced will be rooted in truth and love and will overflow from their lives as they return to family, jobs, and ministries.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they end their time at this retreat as well, that as they say goodbye to the women they’ve spent time with the past four days they would be able to see the hand of God at work and would know His goodness in all things. Pray that they would be given the time and space to rest and process the things they witnessed and were a part of and that there would be grace and compassion among this group of women.

Pray for G as she seeks the Lord’s direction regarding moving from a volunteer position to a paid position and the time and financial impact it will have on her family. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and confidence in God’s leading as she stills her heart and mind to listen to the Lord’s voice. Ask for God to be bountiful and generous in His provision.

Tuesday, February 28

Pray for R and the ministry she is involved in, as the workers are few and the finances are tight. Pray that God would be abundant in His provision of people coming alongside this ministry both tangibly in person and through financial support. Pray for the current team to continue to keep their eyes on God as they trust Him with all facets of this ministry, that they would be encouraged, refreshed, and would choose to walk in faith.

Pray for K as she is in an intense season of transition and change, that she would know the peace of God and sense His direction as she sits with Him and tunes her heart and ears to His voice. Ask for His protection and grace over her in the moments of chaos and noise, for her to trust His voice and know His presence with her and for her. Pray for her to give her vision to Him and to trust His leading as she takes the next steps.

Pray for A as she facilitates various outreaches and Holiday celebrations throughout the year, that she would be filled with joy for each event she plans, that she would trust God to bring the people to her that need to be there, and for her to walk in faith with the tasks at hand. Ask that she would make time with Jesus a priority in her life and that the fruit of her time spent with Him would be evident to all. Pray that she would realize that she is a woman who reflects the face of Jesus to those around her and that people will be drawn to His heart through hers.

Pray for A and her family as they are in the process of finalizing the US side of their daughter's adoption. Pray for smooth communication, protection over documents, and peace in the phases of the waiting. Ask for hope and trust as the time gets closer to see dreams realized and God’s glory revealed.

Wednesday, March 1

Pray for R and her family as she desires for her daughters to make friends where they are located, that they would be bold in their invitations to people, and give their daughters freedom and trust as they look to make friends. Ask for wisdom and protection over their family as they adjust and continue to make transitions as their daughters grow up and want to stretch their wings and independence; pray for grace, kindness, gentleness, and understanding.

Pray for E as she continues her language learning and that she will be patient and kind to herself during this process. Ask that she would look for practical ways to apply what she’s learning and that relationships will be born out of her practicing. Pray that she would be able to laugh at herself as she learns the nuances of a new language and that she will see God at work in and around her in this season.

Pray for A and the things she will be taking back home with her from this retreat; pray that she will be refreshed and replenished, and will have been reminded of her worth and the importance of caring for herself and of how putting herself first is not selfish. Ask that she would return home to family and ministry re-energized and with a new vision and tools to continue a life of health and wholeness in mind, spirit, and heart.

Pray for F as she ministers and serves with her time, heart, and body at the children’s home where she is involved. Pray for protection and peace over her when she is physically present with the kids and staff, that she would be present and focused in her time there. Ask for wisdom, discernment, and encouragement in decisions she makes, as well as knowing her safe boundaries of what to take with her and what to leave behind when she goes home each day.

Thursday, March 2

Pray for A as she orchestrates holiday and special outreach events throughout the year, that as she focuses on the details and importance of each event, she would remember to have fun and find joy in the planning. Ask for grace and provision for the needs and situations that will arise with each event, that she would be able to focus on the tasks the Lord has given her and for her utmost desire to be the glory of the Lord revealed through these occasions.

Pray for D as she is involved in the process of planning and putting on holiday outreach events. Pray that she would be bold in asking for help and assistance when it is needed, and for people to come alongside and work as a team with her. Ask that she would make time to rest and catch her breath after these events are finished and that she would be able to see the good fruit of her labor as she gives of her time and resources for the kingdom of God.

Pray for D and her family as they have a 12-year-old foster daughter living with them. Pray for protection and grace over their home and family as they adjust and make space for her not only physically but in their hearts and family culture as well. Ask for protection over this precious girl as she would be met with love, compassion, and kindness, that God would soften and open her heart to receive these things, and to trust that she is wholly loved, welcomed, and wanted.

Friday, March 3

Pray for V as she faces the challenges of maintaining both home life, her own ministry, and keeping up with her husband who likes to press forward with new ideas and seizing the moments as they come. Ask that she would have wisdom, patience, and understanding as she homeschools her kids; for wisdom in setting healthy boundaries and the freedom to turn down people when they ask her for her time and energy. Pray for her to make intentional time for herself away from everyone else, and for her husband to support, listen and encourage her.

Pray for K as she is in the midst of her clinical hours as a play therapist, for the kids who will be coming to see her to know they are safe and loved as she holds space for each one. Pray that she would be sensitive to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit, that she would listen intently and move and speak in boldness and obedience. Ask that God would protect her heart and mind from the things she will hear and witness, that she will trust Him to hold space for her as she keeps a soft heart towards these vulnerable and precious children.

Pray for V as she misses her daughter who is in her first year of college on the other side of the world, that she would learn how to be present and available to her daughter across the distance. Ask for her to be given continued wisdom and understanding with her 16-year-old son, who is winding down his own time at home as he looks ahead to finishing school and begins planning the next stage of life. Pray that she would have compassion and kindness for those around her, and for her relationship with her husband to grow in depth and intimacy in ways she doesn’t expect.

Saturday, March 4

Pray for A and the need for new team members as the ministry and needs of those around her increase. Ask that God would be abundant in His provision to strengthen her team as He invites others to join the work she is doing. Pray she would have patience and trust as she waits on the Lord to reveal Himself in ways that point to His glory alone.

Pray for L as she gets back to the rhythms and routines she stepped away from to attend the retreat; pray that she would return with a full heart and rested mind and a renewed energy and focus to mother her eight kiddos and to be present and compassionate with each one. Ask that she would utilize the tools she was given at the retreat to make time and space for herself to rest and connect with the Lord and with friends around her who speak life, hope, and peace to her heart and mind.

Pray for S as she balances working and teaching full-time with parenting and being available to her four kids and her husband. Ask that she would make time to rest in the Lord’s presence on a regular basis, to allow Him to speak peace, energy, and focus over her. Pray for her relationship with her husband, who is experiencing new levels of stress he hasn’t known before; pray she would be patient, understanding, and compassionate with him, and that she would be given the wisdom and discernment needed to come alongside him to support and encourage him and to point Him to Jesus. Pray that God would protect her heart against weariness, despair, and loneliness.

Sunday, March 5

Pray for Christina and the Board of Directors of Azmera as they process and debrief both the Philippines and Vietnam Haven Retreats, and as they look ahead toward the next season of ministry for Azmera. Ask that they would be open to the Lord’s leading and would trust Him as He directs the path for them. Pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, for a spirit of unity among the Board of Directors, and for truth to be shared in ways that will be heard and will have an impact. Pray for a continued spirit of laying down human expectations and plans in favor of the voice and leading of Jesus, even when it doesn’t look like what is expected. Pray for God’s glory to continue to be revealed through this organization as people across the globe get a glimpse of Jesus through the ministry of Azmera and those it partners with. Ask God to continue to raise up financial partners and supporters for Azmera, and for there to be new levels of trust and faith among the leadership as they wait on God to reveal His provision in His perfect timing.

Friends, thank you. Thank you for being such a vital part of the Haven Retreats that we get to host for our sisters around the world. We are grateful for you and we know that our ministry would not have the impact it does without the faithful support of your prayers behind the scenes; we are honored that you choose to join us.

Now may you, in whatever season you find yourself in, not lose sight of the hope or the truth of the gospel in your lives. May you know and see the Kingdom come into your hearts, in your relationships, and in your workplaces. May you step fully into your belovedness as a child of God and walk in confidence in the freedom proclaimed over you. May you know God more deeply and fully as you trust Him and look to Him to be your provision; may you know His abundant goodness in every moment you need Him, and may you know that He will provide as the need arises. May you make time to stop and rest beside quiet waters, and know the refreshment of your soul as the One who created you speaks new life over you.


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