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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 16)

February 16: Pray for the retreat as it finishes up today. Pray that the things that were spoken, shared, heard and received will be planted and protected by the Father; ask that the work that has begun in the women’s lives during this time will be given the space and air needed to grow and continue as the women head back to their homes. Pray that they will all leave feeling encouraged, refreshed, and with a new depth of intimacy with their Father in heaven.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they send off the women they have loved and served for the past few days; pray they will see evidence of the good work of God and will be encouraged and given hope for what He has been doing. Pray for safe places for each of the Connection Crew to rest and process the conversations and lives they have been a part of for the past few days.

Pray for the Cambodia Team as they begin their travels to Cambodia. Pray for protection and safety on all flights and modes of transportation, for good connections, good seating arrangements and health and rest over each woman as she travels. Pray for a sense of unity and connection among this team, especially as there will be some crossover between a few of the women already in Thailand and the rest coming in fresh to build a new team.

K - She is in the midst of transition with a newly adopted Thai son. Praise Jesus for this miracle and blessing in both her life and his. Ask that the challenges that come with adoption would be met with grace and wisdom, and that she would have people in her life to speak encouragement, truth and to come alongside her to help. Pray that God would bring people into her life that can relate to the season she is in, to offer wisdom and hope on the harder days. Pray that she would be confident in who God has made her to be as she walks into a new season as a new mother.

S - Pray for her father and his heart health, especially as she is away from him and from her family. Pray for healing and restored wholeness and health in her father’s life. Ask that she would know peace in the sovereignty of God, that He is with her father in the same moment He is with her. Pray that she would maintain focus on the work at hand, as she trusts God with her family that is far away.

S - Pray that God would raise up new people to come alongside her in financial support as she lives and serves overseas. Pray that she would hold fast to Philippians 4:19 (my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus) and know that God alone is her provider, and by His hand alone He will provide. Also pray for those who have had to stop their support for various life reasons, that they will know confidently that God will provide for their needs as well, that He causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him, who He has called according to His purpose.

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