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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 15)

February 15: Pray for breakthrough to happen today, whether that is in worship, through the speaker, in Connection Circles (small groups), in Breakout sessions, in Counseling or in time alone or with one or two others, pray for breakthrough to take place, as God has willed it and as He has worked to bring the women to this point. Ask that there be grace and protection over those moments, that only the fire and power of the Holy Spirit is allowed room to move and breathe, that the hard and holy work of God can continue taking place. Also pray continued protection over the women as they meet in the various settings, that the Light of Jesus will blaze so brightly not even a shadow of darkness is allowed in.

J - Pray for her desire for family, that God would bless her body with a baby and would protect her during pregnancy. Pray as well for wisdom and discernment as she and her husband look ahead to the next several years and plan on any changes that may be coming their way. Ask for financial provision and a clear sense of direction as they follow God; and as they follow Him it would be with whole hearts fully given to Him and to one another.

C - Ask the Lord to cover her from head to foot with healing over her body and mind, as she deals with stress and health issues. Pray for wisdom as she relates stress to health, that she would learn to give things over to God and trust Him to be good enough to hold them for her, so that she can rest her heart, mind and body and allow healing to flow in and over her. Pray that as she rests in the Lord, she would know that He desires her just as she is and that He always invites her to take a step closer to Him. Pray that she would know that her walk with God doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s because she is unique and special to Him just as He created her.

E - Pray for her to know that God is with her, and that He is more than delighted to carry her burdens for her. Ask that she would know that He is not disappointed in her, that He gives her what she needs as the need arises, and that He has gifted her intentionally and with purpose for the tasks at hand. Pray that she would find freedom, peace and joy as she releases things she’s carrying into His hands.

K - Pray that she would know that God provides every cent that is needed, as the need arises. Ask that she would be given new vision to see where He has provided in the past, to grow her faith to know He will always provide for today and all of the tomorrows. Pray that she will be given the rest she desires, to be renewed and restored in heart, soul, mind and strength.

H - She needs rest, pray that she would see areas and times in her daily routine where she can step aside for a moment and reconnect with her Lord, to find rest for her soul. Pray that she would also make space to rest physically and mentally, and to realize that rest looks different for every person. Pray that God would send more workers to her field, to help carry the load that heavy, that He would provide people to come alongside her and relieve some of the burden. She longs to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done, pray that He shows her glimpses of how that is being carried out in her life right now.

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