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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 14)

February 14: Pray for the Retreat as it is in its first full day. Pray that all of the women will be getting good rest and finding quiet places to spend with the Lord and with one another as new friendships are built. Pray for the time of connection outside of the morning sessions - for mealtimes and free times and the times of afternoon activities. Ask that as the women connect with God and with one another, that walls may be broken down and truth, vulnerability and authenticity have space to be built.

Pray that the time spent in the evenings will be full of life, laughter and the Light of the Savior. Ask that each woman attending be reminded of how precious and delighted in she is. Thank God for the time given for worship and prayer, that in those moments the tender voice of the Father can be heard and the truth in His words will be received with grateful hearts.

A - Pray for her as she works with expectant families, as she supports those in difficult situations to remain healthy and birth healthy babies. Ask that she would know wisdom as she balances work that she loves with her family and their welfare. Pray that she would not be overcome by feeling as though she may be neglecting anyone she cares about, but would give what she has and trust the Lord to fill in the gaps.

L - Pray for her to find rest and balance as she mothers seven kiddos - from 1 year old to a 10th grader. Ask that she would be given the wisdom needed to raise her children and be with each one of them where they need her most. Pray for her to have a good support system around her who can help ease some of the daily stress that come with having children. And pray that she and her husband would have time together to connect and be themselves together without being in parent mode.

B - Pray that they would know peace in the team transitions as well as deciding what their next steps are going to be. Ask that God would speak clearly to them and they would follow His leading without second-guessing or doubt at His voice. Pray for peace in their home as there are lots of emotions every day (3 girls 😉), that there would be kindness and laughter to outweigh the tiredness and stress that come at the end of the day.

J - Pray for her heart to know with confidence that God is with her and for her, as she walks through a pregnancy loss and is walking towards physical and emotional healing. Ask that God continue to reveal His presence and His love for her as she grieves; pray that she would know that He is safe to bring questions, doubt and anger to, that He desires her to bring Him her whole self. Pray for their family to know God’s abundant provision to supply every need they have - financial, physical, spiritual and emotional.

A - Pray for her to know confidence and peace if she needs to step back from things as the Lord leads her. Ask that she would find time to sit and be still before God, to allow Him to speak direction and leading in her life, and to speak love and delight in her. Pray that He would cover her with protection as He speaks truth to her, that the cross would stand guard over her and block out any lies and falsehood that may be trying to break in. Pray for her to know that God fights mightily for her in the spiritual realm, and that the battle can already be named victorious.

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