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Azmera THAILAND/CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 18)

February 18: Pray for the women from the Thailand Connection Crew who begin their journey home today. Pray for safety, peace of mind and protection over them over the next long bit of travel. Ask for good weather, good flights and seats, and holy moments to continue to connect with one another and share their experiences of their time in Thailand.

Pray for the Cambodia team as they will all be in Sihanoukville together and begin the work of getting to know one another and building the team that will serve this Haven Retreat. Pray for the ones coming from Thailand to be able to smoothly switch gears and be present and rested for their time with a new team and a new set of women to serve. Ask that this team be unified and melded together as one in the name of the Lord. Pray for grace given and received, joy and laughter to be abundant, and a unique sense of anticipation for what God is going to do over the next several days. Pray that there would be a sense of calm and peace over this team as there is much work to do and a short amount of time in which to do it.

Pray for the speaker for the Cambodia retreat, Beth, as she finishes preparations and spends time with the Lord in anticipation of the words she will share. Pray for her to know an extra layer of protection over her heart and mouth as she shares boldly and gently what God has placed on her heart; ask that she have an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and be faithful and obedient to follow Him as He leads.

Pray for the worship leader, Debi, as she prepares to lead a new set of women into the presence of the King. Pray for protection over her voice and her hands as she gives herself continually to the Lord. Ask that she remain faithful to that which she has been called, and will trust God to provide what she needs as He delights in the praise and worship of those He has created in His image. Pray for the times of corporate worship, prayer and speaking to be filled with the power and movement of the Holy Spirit.

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