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Azmera THAILAND/CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 17)

February 17: Today we begin to cross over from our Thailand retreat to the Cambodia retreat. Thank you for being a part of both retreats, we are so grateful for you.

Pray for the women who have arrived home or are still traveling, for protection over their journey’s and a continued sense of the Lord’s presence and power with them. Pray that as they get back home to all the things they left behind, they would carry with them the words they received as well as the attitude of light and grace that comes with being in God’s presence in a concentrated atmosphere. Pray for joy as they jump back into their schedules, family time and ministry they were able to step away from.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend time together debriefing, sharing with one another how they saw God work and the burdens they may be carrying from the past few days. Ask that there would be grace and space given to process with the Lord in a safe and healthy way for each woman. Pray for time to relax and connect with one another and to not feel pressured to “be” or “do” things in a certain way.

Pray for the hotel staff and drivers that have come in contact with the women at the Thailand Haven Retreat, for them to know something different with this group of women - that is the Lord’s presence - and be drawn to Jesus because of how they saw Him exemplified over the past week. Ask that He would have workers ready and waiting to come alongside them to walk with them towards the cross, to be available to answer questions and love them with grace and humility.

Pray for the hotel staff and drivers that will be in contact with the women at the Cambodia Haven retreat; pray that as God has softened their hearts to the work He is doing, they will be drawn even more towards Him through the interactions they have with the Azmera people and the women at the retreat. Pray for every inch of ground that we will use to be sanctified, protected and set apart as holy for the work that is at hand.

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