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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (September 29)

Pray for Lydia, Judyann, Melissa, Miriam, and Annette as they come to give of their time to the women, specifically in the area of counseling. Ask God to set a covering of protection over each room the sessions will take place and over every word spoken and heard. Pray for these women to be filled with an increase of sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to the women they will be meeting with, that they will be given spirits of understanding, compassion, discernment, and wisdom. Pray for each encounter to be holy and filled with the presence of God.

Pray for Kelly as she gives of her time to provide spiritual direction to the women she’ll be meeting with, for her heart and mind to be set on Christ above all things. Ask for a spirit of discernment and boldness as she talks with the women she meets with, for truth and love to be the core of the conversations. Pray for her to be filled with joy and love in all the conversations she has, that as she meets with women she herself will encounter Jesus in unique and unexpected ways.

Pray for Whitney and she leads worship over the next few days, for her heart and spirit to be set in Christ and for her focus to be on Him. Pray for rest, energy, and protection over her as she steps into holy spaces to invite and lead others into the presence of God through music, that she would be available to the voice of Jesus as He is present with her and leads her as she leads the worship. Ask that the time they spend in worship would be life-giving and holy, that the ground would be sanctified and the air would be heavy with the presence of God.

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