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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (September 28)

Pray for Sarah as she gives of her time to photograph the Stateside Summit. Ask that as she observes and captures moments in time that she would sense the power of the Holy Spirit with her, and that every photograph she takes would not only be a service for Azmera but would be a holy act of worship. Pray that she would see God at work in unexpected ways and would be drawn closer to His heart for her.

Pray for Diane, Marie, Heather, and Shonna as they lead various workshops for the Summit. Ask that as they invest in the women attending, they will each be open and available to the Lord’s leading, and would be attentive to His voice as He leads, even when it may not look like planned. Pray they would be filled with words to speak Truth and Hope in boldness and love.

Pray for Michell, Jill, Beth, Debi, Dee Dee, and Sandi as they each come to serve and give of their time and gifts to the women attending, that they would each be available and open to how the Holy Spirit leads and to the needs and emotions of the women they are present with. Pray for an increase in compassion, sensitivity to the Lord’s voice, and willingness to serve where and as needed. Ask for God to bless and give strength and power to the work of their hands and the words of their mouths.

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