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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (September 27)


We are delighted to be able to pray for the Connection Crew this week! The Stateside Summit is this Thursday through Saturday so we invite you to continue to join us in praying over those days specifically. Please use this as a prayer guide for ideas and ways to pray for the women; our encouragement is always that you would find time to be still and lean in towards the voice of the Lord and allow Him to lead you as you pray. We hope you are refreshed and encouraged as you spend time praying with us for this Summit, thank you for being a part of this ministry in this way!

Pray for Christina as she makes final preparations for the Summit this week, that as she looks ahead to what is to come she would find moments to be still and sit with Jesus, allowing Him to speak over her and bring her into alignment with His heart. Ask that she would be filled with joy and peace as she anticipates the good things in store for her and the women attending and volunteering at the Summit.

Pray for Kari as she continues to organize, coordinate and make final preparations for the Summit. Ask that as she gears up for the events this weekend she will make time to connect with Jesus one-on-one and rest in His presence. Pray for peace and calm over her as she will be hands-on for the expected and unexpected things that will happen during the Summit, that God will give her clarity to see His hand over her and in all things.

Pray for Jen as she prepares to speak and share the things God has placed on her heart. Ask that she would lean in even closer to the voice of the Holy Spirit, trusting Him to guide and lead her, to give her the words to speak in boldness and love; pray that she would have an increase in sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pray that she would give God all the things she is carrying with her right now and would continue to trust Him to be good to and for her, for His glory to be revealed in perfect time.

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