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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (September 26)

Y - Pray for her as she transitions out of serving in the Israeli Defense force and into what is next. Pray that as she seeks God’s guidance and direction she would walk in confidence as He leads, especially in this season of adjustment and figuring out what it looks like to be an adult. Ask that she would know peace as she figures things out, and be validated in her fears of stepping into a new season, that although there is so much unknown she would be confident that she is known and held securely by a Father who loves her very much. Pray that she would continue to look at the world with joy and wonder even as things feel uncertain for her.

A - Pray for her daughters and her brother who are not walking with the Lord right now. Ask that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice in her conversations and interactions with each of her daughters and her brother, that she would speak in kindness and love. Pray that she would trust God to be big enough and good enough for her to rest her worries in Him and come alongside her loved ones and simply love them without pressure. Pray that God would be glorified and His name would be praised in her family.

C - Pray for her heart, her soul, her mind, and strength as she longs for more of Jesus, that she will see Him clearly as He reveals Himself to her, especially in ways and places that may be unexpected to her. Pray that she would trust Him as He invites her into spaces that may be uncomfortable and challenging, that she would know He is there and where He is there will always be good and light. Ask that she would know God delights in her and that she in turn would know a deeper sense of joy and peace as she delights in God.

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