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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (September 25)

R - Pray for her family as they continue to transition from life in Thailand to life back in the U.S. Ask for God to pour out comfort, calm, and peace over her heart and mind, over the hearts and minds of her husband and kids as they each struggle to adjust to being back in the States. Pray for good friendships to be formed for each person in this family, for safe spaces and people to process things with, to share with, to walk through this part of life with. Pray that she would sense Jesus with her and that knowledge would give rest to her heart and hope for what is yet to come.

L - Pray for her as she homeschools/teaches seven kids in three different grades, for the challenges that will arise in that situation. Ask that she would have energy, stamina, and wisdom as she leads this group of kids. Pray for patience and compassion as she meets the kids where they’re at, pray for good conversations about life and God, and for sensitivity for each child and what they need for each day. Ask that the time they spend together would be fun and life-giving to each one.

S - Pray for God’s grace and provision over her as she applies for residency and looks ahead to what comes next. Ask that she would be able to see glimpses of God’s hand in each situation, conversation, and encounter that takes place for her to move into a more permanent living situation. Pray that the connections she makes during this process would be ordained by God and would have the fragrance of Christ woven throughout.

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