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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 9)

L - Pray that she would see where Light is breaking through the darkness, in the places she holds in her heart that are tender, vulnerable, and held closely, unshared with others. Pray that she would be bold and brave to speak up for herself, to have friendships she can trust to hold the hard things with and for her, for her to be met with unconditional love, grace, and compassion. Ask for her to see Jesus where she is and where she longs for Him to be, for things to begin to be revealed to give hope and increase faith as she waits for His hand to be revealed. Pray for encouragement to come to her in the exact moment she needs it most.

M - Pray for her to know how to connect with her daughter T, who is distancing herself from her family, especially from her mom. Ask for wisdom and discernment on how she can come alongside her daughter, love her, and meet her where she is at, especially as her daughter chooses a life apart from the Lord right now. Pray that she would have understanding, compassion, and kindness for her daughter and that she would trust God to be at work even when things seem to be dark and without much hope, that she would have faith that God is for her and is fighting for her daughter. Pray for hope and joy even in the midst of sorrow and hurt.

T - Pray for her as she processes her time from the Stateside Summit, that the fears and anxiousness she felt about coming to Colorado and spending time in this environment will have been unfounded. Ask that as she looks back on her time she will see God’s grace, love, and protection over her every step of the way and that she will know profound joy as she looks back on this time. Pray that this will increase her faith in the things God invites her to.

A - Pray for her as she finishes up her final year at Denver Seminary and begins looking to what comes after, specifically staying stateside or pursuing ministry overseas. Pray for clarity in hearing God’s voice, for peace as she walks forward, and for continued focus as she wraps up her time in school. Pray that God would show her what He has for her, that she would know peace and confidence as she waits for Him to reveal each step along the way.

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