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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 8)

D - Pray for her as she is in a season of being wounded and hurt after a difficult and messy transition, that as she chooses to know God is good she would begin to see Him in areas that haven’t been very clear yet. Ask that she would continue to make time to sit and acknowledge her feelings and the facts of things that have happened, that she would know Jesus is sitting with her and would invite Him into the wounded and broken places in her heart. Pray for healing and peace to cover her, for grace and forgiveness to be given space in her heart and mind.

M - Pray for her as she seeks healing from pain and trauma from ministry overseas, that she would hold space for both the pain and trauma and the situations/relationships from which they stem. Pray for words of truth and life to be spoken over her, and for what is from Jesus to resonate with her spirit and to settle in her heart and begin to bring new life and abundance. Ask for grace and for clear vision to be given to her as she continues to process and move closer to God through this season.

B - Pray for her to walk in truth, to trust the voice of the Holy Spirit as she asks Him to speak, to be confident that she knows His voice because she knows the Father. Ask for an increase in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and for an increase in confidence to speak in the power of the Holy Spirit as He leads her to do so. Pray that she will not be afraid to use her voice, but will be filled with the truth that what she says holds weight and her words will bring healing because she speaks as the Spirit leads; pray for a covering of protection over and around her as she walks in a new step with Jesus.

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