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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 7)

B - Pray for guidance for the next steps to take in ministry and life as she transitions back to the U.S. Ask for clarity of mind, heart and focus as she seeks God and the good things He has for her. Pray for peace and hope as she waits and looks ahead to what is next. Pray for abundant joy, smiles, and laughter in this season.

C - Pray for her and her family as they continue to make the adjustments to living back in the U.S. after 14 years overseas. Pray for patience, understanding, and kindness to be in greater measure among their family and relationships, as they each transition in different ways and at different paces. Ask for the provision of resources and relationships to be given as the need arises, that they would be able to see God at work in their lives as much here as they have known Him overseas.

E - Pray for her as she continues to adjust and process her abrupt departure from Italy because of Covid; ask that she would see God’s hand over her in all things, that she would trust His goodness and sovereignty in things that may not have an earthly explanation. Pray for her as she spends time in God’s word, that it would be fresh and alive to her in newer and deeper ways than she’s experienced before.

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