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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 4)

This is our final week of praying for our Stateside Summit! Thank you for your partnership in this journey, we are so thankful for you. Please use this as a guide and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you as you pray, having faith that He will meet you where you are and will give you the words to say. Be encouraged and know that your time here matters.

S - Pray for her as she looks to find a church home after transitioning back to the U.S. Ask that God would lead her to the community and relationships that will be life-giving and safe for her to be herself in. Pray that she would be patient and know peace as she searches, that she will continue to trust God to be her provision in all things.

K - Pray that as she looks for a job she will see God in every step and part of the process. Pray that as she is diligent in searching, applying and interviewing that she will know God’s presence with her, that she will trust God to bring her to the right position at the right time. Ask that as she waits she will see the extra time on her hands as a gift and will be wise in what she gives herself to; that she will spend time with God and others in intentional and purposeful ways, allowing her cup to be filled to the brim.

J - Pray for clarity as they seek the Lord’s leading during their sabbatical, that they would use this time wisely and trust God to bring opportunities and relationships for them to invest in and receive from in this season. Ask for confidence and peace as they find time to rest and be restored. Pray that she will pursue growth in her relationship with Jesus and will desire an increase in wisdom and faith.

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