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Azmera STATESIDE SUMMIT 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 1)

Pray for the full day of the Summit to be covered in Jesus’ power and presence; for each moment to be utilized to the fullest whether that looks like spaces of rest and quiet or conversations of truth or holy moments of worship. Pray for the atmosphere to be full of joy and holy wonder at the goodness of God, as He is glorified for who He is, for His faithfulness in good times and hard times, for His provision and hand of protection.

Pray for the workshops, counseling sessions and time at the Connection Hub to all be life-giving, restorative, and refreshing for each woman who participates, that her heart, spirit, mind, and strength would be met right where she is at and she would find peace and rest for her soul as it is needed. Pray for each woman to encounter Jesus in beautiful and unexpected ways; for each one to be reminded anew of how precious and beloved she is to Him.

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