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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 27)

Sunday, September 27:

W - Pray for direction and wisdom in what to do with their house in their country of service, as they look ahead to transitioning back to the States. Ask that God would provide the resources and people needed to keep things running, or to clean and pack for them. Pray that God would continue to open doors and show the way as they make plans and take steps for what comes next.

G - Pray for her and her husband as they adjust to being new empty-nesters; pray they would find balance and a healthy routine as they transition to being just the two of them. Ask that there would be a renewed light and joy in their marriage as figure out what this new stage of life looks like. Pray also for their youngest daughter who is also adjusting to being on her own, as she misses her family and is homesick pray that God would bring good people into her life to be community and family-away-from-family for her.

A - Pray that God would continue to open doors for the expansion of her ministry, that He would pour out provision and resources beyond what she has prayed for. Ask that she would recognize how God is blessing the work of her hands, and that she would continue to give Him all the praise and glory for the work He is doing and is using her to do. Pray that her joy and delight in God would be new every morning.z

D - Pray that she would find time to sit and be still with God, to allow Him to speak direction and leading in her life as she looks ahead towards the future. Ask that she would see where God is working around her and would be willing to jump in and be available to use the gifts that He has given her. Pray for her desire for revival in the U.S. to come to life in her community, that she would be given they eyes to see where He is renewing life and raising up people around her with kingdom-mind outlook.

M - Pray that the things she learns/is reminded of/encounters at this retreat will be deeply rooted in her heart and mind, that she will be encouraged and restored in areas of her heart that she wasn’t even aware of. Ask that she will put into practice the things she learns, and that time alone with Jesus will become a priority and lifeline for her. Pray that she will know God’s love for her in deep, sweet ways.

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