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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 26)

Saturday, September 26: The Retreat wraps up today! Pray that the final hours spent together would be filled with worship and joy. Pray there would be continued moments of healing and breakthrough, and that hearts would be filled to overflowing with light, life and the fullness that comes with being in the presence of God. Pray that as each woman departs she would be encouraged, renewed and filled with hope.

M - Pray for peace, stability and the provision of the Father as she and her family prepare for another move on October 1st. Ask that God would continue to go before them and prepare a place of rest and comfort. Pray they would look to God to be their provision and the light of life.

A - Pray for God to provide in the beautiful way that He does; as she and her husband wait for jobs/income, ask that God would bring connections and opportunities to their doorstep. Pray that she would know the Lord’s sustainment as she waits on Him, that there would be joy and hope and anticipation in the waiting.

B - Pray that they would walk in confidence as God guides their steps as they begin ministry here in the U.S., and as they wait for borders to reopen. Ask that they would see God in the unexpected, and would be filled with joy and laughter as they walk in trust where God leads them.

K - Pray for them as they seek continued financial support, with the challenges that have come with Covid in not being able to meet with people in settings that we have all once known. Pray that they would trust God to be their provision and to have faith that He will always provide for their needs. Ask that God would bring people into their lives to help them process the unexpected transition back to the U.S., that there would be healing and restored trust in God.

S - Pray for rest, healing and direction from God. Pray for protection for her husband as he travels back and forth from Haiti to the U.S. to keep things running. Ask that God would give wisdom and discernment in what this season of ministry and life looks like, that they would offer to Him their hearts and hopes with open hands.

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