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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 25)

Friday, September 25: Pray for the retreat in its full day today, with speakers, worship, workshop and many activities offered, that there would be holy moments and places where the women can connect with one another, but even more so to connect with God and know the fullness of His love, grace and delight in them. Pray that there would be room given to the Holy Spirit to speak healing, brokenness and truth in the hearts of those He has prepared for those moments.

J - Please pray that she would look to God to bring her heart to wholeness and fullness of life once again. Ask that she would find space to pause and be in the moment with the Lord and allow Him to speak truth, comfort and healing over her. Pray that she would claim and cling to the promises of God of His goodness, His love and His grace.

K - Pray for her and her family as they are ready to be back in India, and as they wait on passport applications for Pakistan as a soft-landing place until they can get back to India; pray they would trust in the Lord’s timing and follow His leading as He orchestrates His plans for them. Ask for wisdom and discernment as they look ahead to her pregnancy due date in April and figuring out where to stay in the months leading up to the delivery.

D - Pray for her desire for connection and restoration to be made complete in Christ. Ask that God would bring some good women into her life to encourage, walk with and point her towards Jesus on a consistent basis. Ask God to restore what has been lost in her life and heart, and that she would look to Him and wait patiently as He works out all things for her good. Pray that she would find peace, rest and joy in Christ alone.

A - Pray that she would be blessed during this retreat, as she steps out in faith and out of her comfort zone to serve at a women’s retreat. Ask that she would see God move as He uses her and the gifts He has given her; pray that she would have a soft and open heart towards the women she encounters, that she will see them how God sees them and be filled with love, compassion and grace as she sets aside her own fears and walks in vulnerability and truth.

A - Pray for a renewed sense of endurance and hope as she continues to wait to return to Myanmar after returning the U.S. in April. Pray that she would see where God is working in her own life and heart in this interrupted season, and would be filled with hope and anticipation for all that is yet to come.

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