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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 23)

Wednesday, September 23:

ML - Pray for her as she desires time to be at this Stateside retreat, in her longing for her walk with the Lord to be refreshed and renewed. Pray that He would make a way for her to attend, that the details would be in place by His hand, and that what He has in store for her over these few days would be life-giving and life-changing.

P - Pray for her heart and soul as she is desiring a renewal and freshening of her walk with God. Ask that she would have a soft and open heart to what God is doing in her life, and that she would walk and sit with open hands before Him. Pray that she would see Him and experience Him in deep, intimate ways that she hasn’t known before.

C - Pray for her as the weight of the world situation is heavy on her heart - the loss and illness all around, and especially among her friends and supporters. Ask that God would open her eyes to see how and where He is working and moving, that she would be given a new wellspring of joy as she looks to Him with weary eyes and heart. Pray that she would know His presence and that His presence in her life would change everything for her.

K - Pray for her as she navigates the recent death of her Mom to cancer; pray that she would experience the Lord’s abundant grace, comfort and love as He sits with her in the grief. Ask that she would know God’s leading as she also recovers from the journey of being her Mom’s care giver, that she would see what the next steps are and be able to begin to see the beauty of the time she had with her mother.

B - Pray that she would know God to be constant and stable in the midst of transition and so much that is unstable in her life right now; pray that she would make time to find a secret place with the Lord to allow Him to speak truth, love and hope over her as she deals with her parent’s quickly declining health, her firstborn having autism and the struggle of starting over from scratch. Ask that God would provide abundantly for her in finances, support and friendships as she navigates this very difficult season; pray that she would find hope and so much joy in Jesus.

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