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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 21)

Monday, September 21:

K - Pray for her to find balance and give the right amount of time to all of the things that ask for her time and attention - work, ministry, family, friends. Pray that she would define healthy boundaries in her life and walk in fullness of life and joy as she chooses what does bring her life. Ask that God would protect her and the boundaries she sets, that she would see His hand over and all around her and would know how loved she is by Him.

L - Pray for the relationships and people in her country of service, as she misses them and is eager to return after coming back to the U.S. because of Covid. Pray that she will be patient in her waiting to return and would see God at work around her. Ask that she continue to trust God to be active and working wherever she is, and in the places she desires to be.

L - Pray for her as she struggles to adjust to being in CO after living in Honduras for three years and originally being from the East Coast; pray she would seek and see God’s provision of a church and community to connect with and find her place in. Pray that God would bring beautiful friendships into her life and speak life and fullness into the areas she feels lonely and alone.

J - Pray that she would look her equivalent of “quiet waters” and find rest for her soul, her heart, her body. Ask that she would trust God with the weights and burdens she is carrying for others, and would be able to lay them at His feet and rest in Him. Pray that as she rests God would restore her and would bring new life and joy to her.

L - Pray for her friends in the Middle East who recently came to know Jesus, who don’t know many other believers. Please ask God to protect them as they grow in their walk with the Lord, and as their family and friends may come to know of their new faith. Ask that God would bring people into their lives to walk alongside them in their faith journey, to encourage them and show them who Jesus is. Pray Lorelai would trust God to be enough for her friends and to show them and her all the things He can do because He is good, He is God, and He will always be with His children.

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