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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 19)

September 19

T - Pray that God will give her His beautiful peace as He provides the unknowns of this season - where she will stay, when she will return home and how to work remotely. Ask that she would be continually transformed by the renewing of her mind, that she would know that who she is in Christ isn’t determined by a location or a vocation; ask that this season would be life-changing for her walk with Christ.

M - Pray for miraculous healing for relationships with two of her children, who have walked away from the Lord and from their family. Ask that she and her family would keep their eyes on Jesus in the midst of so much heartache and disappointment, that they would know His grace, peace, comfort and presence in ways they’ve never before experienced. Pray that God would move mountains, restore what has been broken and lost and would be a solid presence as they wait for His glory to be revealed.

C - Pray for her as she works on completing her Spiritual Direction certificate assignments before this retreat begins. Ask that she would have focus, time and the energy needed to finish well. Pray that what she is learning will be full of truth and will be embedded in her to use for the good of those around her and for God’s glory. And pray for joy to be abundant as she learns and looks ahead towards what is yet to come.

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