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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 18)

September 18

J - Pray for her as she looks ahead to a ministry overseas in the future; pray that she would trust God to lead her where He has a place designed for her, and to provide for every need as it arises. Ask that she would be able to see God at work in her life right now as He orchestrates everything for her future, for her good and for His glory.

P - Pray that she would make time to sit with the Lord, to be still in His presence. Ask that she would trust Him with her fears, worries and doubts and that as she comes to Him with those things she would be reminded that He is good, that He is for her, and that His love for her is everlasting, overwhelming and enough.

G - Pray that she would make time to rest from the busyness in her life, that she would see how valuable rest is, how restorative, how good. Ask that the Lord would protect the spaces of rest as she makes them, that distractions and others’ demands for her time and attention will fall away when she steps into the holy place of rest. Pray that she would have courage to make time for rest for her mind, heart and soul and would see the fulfillment of Jesus’ offer of rest and would know a fullness of life because of it.

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