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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 16)

September 16

A - Pray that she would seek the Lord first in all things, that her delight would constantly be in Him, that she would know Him intimately and trust Him with all things in the secret places of her heart. Ask that she would sense His divine power and presence in and with her as she moves about each day, that she would see His hand over her and would walk in perfect peace.

D - Pray for her as she seeks the Lord’s leading in returning to school to finish her Master’s or to continue with using art with trauma healing; ask that as she seeks God’s heart for her that she would find rest in Him first, and trust Him to lead her where and when He desires. Pray that she would know joy and peace in the waiting.

A - Pray for unity and peace in her church, and the Church overall, especially during so much unrest and the feelings of being unsettle and unsure brought on by COVID-19. Pray that her heart would be soft and open to what God has for her, using the gifts He has given that don’t just go away because of a pandemic, that she would seek Him first and trust that the narrow and hard way is better. Ask that she would see and seek opportunities to use her gift of hospitality in new and different ways, and would see the blessing of the Lord on the work of her hands.

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