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Azmera STATESIDE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (September 14-20)

We’re excited to be able to offer a Stateside Haven Retreat this year, especially in light of everything that is happening worldwide right now. We would love to have you join us in prayer over the next two weeks for the women who will be attending and the women who will be helping out at this Retreat - September 24-26 in Colorado. Thank you for your faithful partnership through prayer. Please use this as a guide and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you pray. 😊

September 14

R - Please pray for her and her family as they are ready to return home to Zimbabwe; pray they would see the Lord’s protection and covering over them even as they are homesick and recognize the need to rest and be refreshed before returning. Pray they would experience grace, comfort and restoration as they wait on the Lord.

M - Pray that there would be motivation, focus and wisdom as she prepares to teach English online internationally, that as she adjusts to a new way of teaching she would be able to see God’s guidance and presence in all things. Ask that she would be encouraged and walk in confidence during this new season.

T - Pray for her to maintain focus on the things at hand; ask for wisdom and discernment in decisions coming up, that she would trust the Lord to lead and provide for her. Pray that she would find time to sit in God’s presence and let His absolute love for and delight in her wash over her, fill her up and give her the energy needed for each new day.

September 15

J - Please pray for her as she adjusts to life back in the U.S. after having lived overseas for 17 years. Pray that God would bring healthy friendships into her life, that she would find a community to connect with, and that she would give herself grace and room to grieve and sit with the emotions as they come. Pray also that she would tangibly see God’s grace and abundant provision for her.

C - Pray for her as she gives of herself to so many people and ministries in her life, that she would make time to slow down and spend time in the Word with the Lord. Ask that she would continually come before God with her hands open to give Him the desires and dreams of her heart, the things she longs for in her depth, and trust Him to be kind, gracious and the God who fulfills our hopes. Pray she would walk in joy even when things are difficult.

J - Pray for her as she steps into the challenges of becoming more adept with technology, as Coronavirus has created new challenges and forces flexibility; ask that she would learn quickly and give herself patience as she steps into new areas of growth. Pray that she would be aware of her emotional and mental state and consistently invite God into those spaces with her.

September 16

A - Pray that she would seek the Lord first in all things, that her delight would constantly be in Him, that she would know Him intimately and trust Him with all things in the secret places of her heart. Ask that she would sense His divine power and presence in and with her as she moves about each day, that she would see His hand over her and would walk in perfect peace.

D - Pray for her as she seeks the Lord’s leading in returning to school to finish her Master’s or to continue with using art with trauma healing; ask that as she seeks God’s heart for her that she would find rest in Him first, and trust Him to lead her where and when He desires. Pray that she would know joy and peace in the waiting.

A - Pray for unity and peace in her church, and the Church overall, especially during so much unrest and the feelings of being unsettle and unsure brought on by COVID-19. Pray that her heart would be soft and open to what God has for her, using the gifts He has given that don’t just go away because of a pandemic, that she would seek Him first and trust that the narrow and hard way is better. Ask that she would see and seek opportunities to use her gift of hospitality in new and different ways, and would see the blessing of the Lord on the work of her hands.

September 17

T - Pray that God would provide a job for her that would be enjoyable and have the flexible schedule that she desires. Pray that she would look to God to be her provision and to choose trust and faith in the waiting. Ask that she would know the fullness of joy in Christ as she trusts Him to provide for her.

T - Pray that she would make time to worship the Lord with a whole heart - however that looks for her, through song or dance or whatever act of worship overflows her heart and spirit; ask that she would be fearless in her worship of God and that she would see His love for her as she worships Him. Pray that her times of worship would fill her up, refresh her and call her into deeper joy and walk with Jesus.

H - Pray that God would soften her heart towards the things He has in store for her, that her eyes would be opened to the good things God is doing and longs to do in her life. Ask that she would trust Him and know Him to be safe to hold her doubts, fears and insecurities. Pray that He would open heaven over her as she walks in faith and allows Him shape her heart even more to be like His.

September 18

J - Pray for her as she looks ahead to a ministry overseas in the future; pray that she would trust God to lead her where He has a place designed for her, and to provide for every need as it arises. Ask that she would be able to see God at work in her life right now as He orchestrates everything for her future, for her good and for His glory.

P - Pray that she would make time to sit with the Lord, to be still in His presence. Ask that she would trust Him with her fears, worries and doubts and that as she comes to Him with those things she would be reminded that He is good, that He is for her, and that His love for her is everlasting, overwhelming and enough.

G - Pray that she would make time to rest from the busyness in her life, that she would see how valuable rest is, how restorative, how good. Ask that the Lord would protect the spaces of rest as she makes them, that distractions and others’ demands for her time and attention will fall away when she steps into the holy place of rest. Pray that she would have courage to make time for rest for her mind, heart and soul and would see the fulfillment of Jesus’ offer of rest and would know a fullness of life because of it.

September 19

T - Pray that God will give her His beautiful peace as He provides the unknowns of this season - where she will stay, when she will return home and how to work remotely. Ask that she would be continually transformed by the renewing of her mind, that she would know that who she is in Christ isn’t determined by a location or a vocation; ask that this season would be life-changing for her walk with Christ.

M - Pray for miraculous healing for relationships with two of her children, who have walked away from the Lord and from their family. Ask that she and her family would keep their eyes on Jesus in the midst of so much heartache and disappointment, that they would know His grace, peace, comfort and presence in ways they’ve never before experienced. Pray that God would move mountains, restore what has been broken and lost and would be a solid presence as they wait for His glory to be revealed.

C - Pray for her as she works on completing her Spiritual Direction certificate assignments before this retreat begins. Ask that she would have focus, time and the energy needed to finish well. Pray that what she is learning will be full of truth and will be embedded in her to use for the good of those around her and for God’s glory. And pray for joy to be abundant as she learns and looks ahead towards what is yet to come.

September 20

L - Pray for her as she continues to transition to living back in the U.S. after being in Thailand for two years. Pray that she would connect with a community who would welcome her in and provide a safe space for her. Ask that she would be active and bold as she looks for community and seeks relationships that will be life-giving.

C - Pray for her family as they continue to transition to being back in the U.S., as it has been hard and lonely for the whole family. Pray for friendships and community to come into their lives to give rest and restore joy where it has been lacking. Ask that she would be given the space to rest and be refreshed and filled up, as she is tired and weary.

C - Pray that God would open the doors and make a way for her family to return to Nicaragua in His time, and as they wait on Him they would not feel restless or useless, but would see people and places all around them where they can join in on the work that is happening. Ask that they would trust God to be at work in the things they are waiting to return to, to trust that He is sovereign and good over all He has called them to.

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