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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (March 5)

Pray for A and her family as they are in the midst of their home assignment, for peace and grace in this season, and for deep rest for their hearts, souls, minds, and bodies. Pray that they would know the presence of God as He invites them into deeper relationship and intimacy with Him, that there would be hope and light poured out over each one as they find rest. Ask for protection and provision for this family, that they would bear witness to God’s faithfulness and the good things He has for them.

Pray for B as she continues to deal with various health issues, specifically a diagnosis of a “frozen shoulder,” which has been extremely painful and has caused a limited range of motion for the past seven months. Ask for complete healing over her shoulder, for the pain to cease and for the motion to be restored; ask for God to lay His hand of healing on her body, for an almost tangible sense of heat to be applied to her shoulder and for her healing to flow throughout her body. Pray for her to see God at work through her in the midst of the discomfort and pain, for her to glorify and praise Him in all things.

Pray for S and her family as they continue to adjust to living in South Africa after being in Mozambique for over 14 years. Pray that her family would be gracious and kind to one another as they each transition in their own way, that there would be laughter and happiness in their home in the midst of figuring things out. Ask that they would walk in confidence in the Lord’s leading, that they would see the places He has designed just for them to step into, both in ministry and in their walks with Him.

Pray for L and for her finances in attending the retreat, that she would see how God has provided and that it won’t seem like a stress or a burden to “catch up” as she returns home. Ask that she would see clearly the provision of the Lord for her needs on a daily basis, that her faith would grow as she trusts God to be her provision, to know what she needs as she needs it, and to know that He delights in giving her good things. Pray that the time she spent at the retreat and the ways she encountered Him will continue to give life, hope, and encouragement to her as she gets back into the rhythms and routines of life.

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