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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (March 4)

Pray for VG as she waits for the office to open to accept her application for permanent residency, that she would trust God’s timing and movement in this area. Pray that she would be filled with peace and confidence that God is working on her behalf, that His timing is always just right, and that He is with her in this season. Ask that she would have wisdom and discernment as she makes plans and looks towards what lies ahead, for her heart and mind to be set on the Lord and His goodness and the good things He has in store for her.

Pray for D as she looks ahead to what this year holds, for the events and programs that she will be in charge of planning. Ask that she would move at a healthy pace and ask for help as needed, that she would set good boundaries in place and would recognize where the talents of others will be helpful to the responsibilities and duties she carries. Pray for protection and health over her body, heart, mind, and soul; for her to see where she needs to step back and care for herself first.

Pray for C as she desires to abide in Jesus and not be distracted by the busyness of life around her; pray that she will be intentional about making time to spend in the Lord’s presence, to let Him speak life, truth, and rest over her. Ask for the Holy Spirit to protect her mind and keep her focused on the tasks and people at hand, that she would be present in the moment and not looking ahead or behind her. Pray for her to see the fruit of her time spent with the Lord, that she would be encouraged that the time spent with Him is life-giving and allows space for all the other things that demand her time and attention.

Pray for M as she looks to God to continue to provide for her financially as she raises support for her ministry and life. Ask that she would see God’s provision around her when least expected, that she would know that God is her provision and will provide what she needs as the need arises. Pray that she would walk forward in faith, trust, and joy as she does the work God has created her for, that she will know His presence and power in her life in the big details and in the small things.

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