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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (March 3)

Pray for H to have wisdom and patience as she deals with the difficult situations and relationships that arise from being a missionary. Ask for a solid support system for her to turn to when she has questions, hesitations, or just needs encouragement as she works with various people in various situations. Pray for joy and a light heart as she ministers to those around her, and that as she gives of herself she will also make time for herself to find rest and refreshment.

Pray for K as she is in the midst of studying a new master’s course while continuing to balance family and ministry. Pray that she would give grace to herself and to her family in the midst of this busy season, that she would make time to rest and find refreshment for her soul. Ask for protection over and provision for her and her family.

Pray for C as she helps her family navigate the recent stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis her Dad was given; for protection and grace as she travels to and from the U.S/South Africa, for comfort and hope as her family adjusts to this new season. Ask that she would know the presence of Jesus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in profound ways, that she would know the deep wellspring of life and truth as she allows God to meet with her and sit with her. Pray for blessing and joy over her family.

Pray for M as she serves missionaries in South Africa, that she would know her ministry is necessary and impactful and no less than what others are doing. Pray she would know joy as she serves and that her expectations for what God will do through her will be fulfilled and she would be able to see the results of the work of her hands and the fruit of her obedience to the Holy Spirit. Ask that she would walk in hope and confidence on the path she is on, that she would know God’s presence and protection over every step that she takes.

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