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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (March 2)

Pray for M to see and know the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, that where she has had doubts and hesitations about God’s goodness she would be able to see clearly His good grace and His hand of life and abundance. Pray that she would bring to Jesus the things that are weighing her heart down - the questions, frustrations, grief, and anger; ask that she would trust Him to be gracious and compassionate as He welcomes her into His presence, that everything she brings to Him will be handled with care and understanding. Ask that she would find life, healing, and wholeness in being authentic and truthful as she spends time with the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will reveal how He meets her heart and spirit right where she is.

Pray for P as she supports her husband in ministry, that she would ask for wisdom and discernment in how to best come alongside him to be the helpmate and partner he needs in life and in ministry. Pray that she would be compassionate and full of grace with those she interacts with - both those in ministry and those she comes across through her daily routines; ask that she would see how God has uniquely gifted her and gives her opportunity to minister, serve and love on those who might fall outside her perception of “ministry.” Ask that she would be filled with joy and hope as she looks for where God is at work and how she can join in.

Pray for I, that she would have an increase in her trust in the Lord, as she looks to Him and waits for Him to move mountains. Ask that as she waits she would choose patience and be given the grace and peace needed for each day. Pray that God would increase her joy as He increases her faith, for her heart and mind to be renewed daily, that she would make time to sit in His presence and allow Him to be the fullness of life and the source of all she is.

Pray for H as she desires to continue to serve the Lord honestly and diligently. Pray that she would walk with wisdom, discernment, and compassion as she serves those around her, that she would know the work of her hands and the posture of her heart are pleasing to God and our service to Him. Ask for protection over her heart and mind as she loves boldly and walks in confidence in who God has created her to be.

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