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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (March 1)

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin the trip back home. Pray for safety, smooth flights, good connections, and rest on the flights. Ask that as they reflect on the last week that they would see all the places where God was at work, for the things they need to be reminded of to know He is good and sovereign and gracious. Pray for each one as they prepare to switch mindsets of ministry and travel back to work and family and home life, that they would give space for themselves to process and know God in the midst of the transitions ahead of them. Pray they would know God’s goodness and blessing over the work they joined Him in.

Pray for N as she works in a dangerous part of the city she lives in, that God will protect her as she travels to and from on a regular basis, especially as she goes alone. Ask that as she steps out of her door each day she would sense the presence and power of Jesus’ protection with her wherever she goes, that she would move in confidence and boldness as she walks with Jesus to the places He leads her. Pray that as she interacts and serves the community she works in that the light and power of the Holy Spirit within her would be brilliant and beautiful, that it would draw people to Jesus through her.

Pray for J and her family as they look for the right doctors and medication to best support their daughter with special needs. Ask for wisdom, discernment, and clarity as they search for the team of people who will best meet their needs and understand how to come alongside their daughter to give her the confidence and assistance she needs to live healthy and whole. Pray for Jamie as she is a wife, mother, friend, and all the other titles she carries, that she would put healthy boundaries in place and know who she can turn to for encouragement and support.

Pray for K and the season she’s in, that she would not feel alone or isolated, but that she would know that Jesus is with her where she is. Pray that she would give herself permission to simply sit down where she is, to lay aside expectations of those around her and lean in towards Jesus, trusting Him to be present with her and to give her the space she needs to rest and stop the constant movement. Ask that she would see glimpses of the beauty and goodness of the season she’s in, even when it doesn’t feel good or beautiful; pray that she would know the nearness and tenderness of God like she’s never known before.

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