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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 28)

The South Africa Haven Retreat ends today, pray for the women as they end their time together with one last morning of teaching, worship, and connecting with one another. Pray for the conversations that will take place, that there will be words of truth, encouragement, and calling forth, given under the covering of the power and holiness of the Holy Spirit. Ask that each woman present will know with full confidence the presence of Jesus with her as He continues to move mountains and invite each woman deeper into where He is.

Pray for protection and rest over the women as they begin their journey home, for the time spent traveling to be safe and calm, for time to process the things learned, shared, and experienced. Ask that as they return back to the busyness of life, family, and ministry, they will each have someone who gives them time and space to reflect on the retreat and to share the things that impacted their hearts the most. Pray for the Connection Crew as they debrief and rest from the last few days, for there to be space for each one as needed to process the things experienced and witnessed. Pray for unity and fun as they spend the last of their time together.

Pray for A as she leaves her family to attend this retreat; pray for her husband as he manages their kids while she’s away, that he would be present, understanding and that they would have a great time together over the days she is gone. Ask that she would meet women at this retreat who she will be able to connect with and who will be able to come alongside her in this season in her life. Pray that this retreat will be refreshing and life-giving to her as a woman of the Lord.

Pray for E as she continues to grieve the loss of her husband almost a year ago. Ask that she recognize that grief is wild and unexpected and would continue to give herself grace to grieve as the need arises. Pray for people around her to continue to comfort and offer space for her to move forward at her own pace. Pray that the time she spent at the retreat and the things she experienced will be a continued balm to her soul, that her heart will continually look to God to be her source of life, hope, and joy in the midst of sorrow.

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