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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 27)

Pray for the Retreat as things are in full swing, for the activities, conversations, and connections that will be taking place today, for there to be a continued sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and movement in all things. Ask that there will be rest and refreshment in the midst of the schedules and busyness of the day. Pray for a spirit of calm and peace over the times of worship and teaching, that the women will give heart and mind space for what Jesus is inviting them into.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they continue to meet with women, for their interactions and conversations to be filled with grace and for words of truth to be spoken in boldness and love. Pray that they will be rested and given the energy and focus needed for the things that will come their way today. Pray for continued protection and blessings over the words of their mouths and the works of their hands,

Pray for J as she is at this retreat, having left behind a new and busy project at work to be here. Pray that she will allow her heart and mind to rest and to be present where she is, to be reminded that she is as important as the work and ministry she is a part of. Ask that the time she spends here will rejuvenate her spirit and her walk with the Lord, that she will allow God to refocus her heart and mind on the things He has for her.

Pray for K as she continues to adjust to being new to living overseas, especially as a single woman. Ask for comfort, community, and companionship in the places she is living and working in, that she will see God meet her and provide for her in ways that will be unexpected to her but filled with the holiness of heaven. Pray for her as she experiences loneliness in different ways in living overseas, that her relationship with the Lord will become more precious and life-giving to her. Ask God to fulfill the desires of her heart, the prayers that may be hidden deep within her heart or have been set aside, for God to fulfill the hopes and longings she has held tenderly over the years.

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