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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 26)

Pray for the first full day of the retreat, that there would be a sense of movement and power, of good brokenness and healing as the women gather to listen, worship, and share with one another. Ask that the Connection Crew would be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to the places that each woman is in, that they would be obedient to the leading of God to speak in boldness or to sit in quietness and love. Pray for protection over the rooms where the women gather.

Pray for the afternoon activities and one-on-one sessions, for relaxation, connection, and laughter to flow. Pray that as the women gather and share - in group and individual settings - that the presence of Jesus will be tangible, heavy, and holy. Pray for vulnerability and humility to share and to receive truth as it is spoken and given.

Pray for the Connection Crew to rest well and be given the energy and focus for today. Pray there would be space for each one to spend a few minutes alone with the Lord, to allow Him to give what will be needed for the things that will arise. Pray for continued protection over each woman as she speaks truth and is bold in the things God asks of her.

Pray for C and her family as they continue to adjust to life in South Africa, after having been in France for nine years. Ask for grace and peace as they continue to transition and find their way in ministry, community, and as a family. Pray for a continued sense of peace in the Lord’s leading, and for there to be clarity of vision in what He is doing. Ask for a sense of hope and excitement at the things that are at hand and for the things yet to come.

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