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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 25)

The South Africa Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the Connection Crew as they put together the final touches on things, as they gather together to share and pray with one another, and as they welcome each woman in. Pray for protection and power over this unique group of women.

Pray for the women as they arrive, that as they are welcomed into the space they would feel an almost-tangible lifting of burdens and an embrace of love in the atmosphere. Pray for good connections with one another and lasting friendships to be made. Ask the Lord to lead each woman into the relationships He has ordained, whether that be for the next few days or for many years to come.

Pray for the first sessions that will take place today, that the speaking would be filled with truth and invitation to give to Jesus what is weighing each woman down; for the times of worship to be heavy with the presence of the Holy Spirit, that each woman present would know His ministry and love. Pray for the time spent sharing at each table, that there would be a sense of safety and grace to share the good and hard things, and that each table would be able to sense Jesus sitting with them.

Pray for Z to know that she has been uniquely created to carry specific reflections and attributes of God, that she is a reflection of the Lord wherever she is. Pray that she would hold with power and care the name of Jesus within and that she would know that she carries the water of life everywhere she goes, that she can offer the invitation to Jesus to each person she speaks and interacts with. Ask for protection and grace over her as she walks as Light in the darkness and hope among the hopeless.

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