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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 24)

Pray for Regina, Janie, Mary Jane, and Patti as they prepare to give pedicures this week; pray for strength in their hands, for a deep connection to the Holy Spirit, and for sensitivity to each woman they sit with and serve. Ask for each of these women to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit through the words they speak and through the touch of their hands; pray for anything said or done that is not of the Lord to be swept away from the ears and hearts of each woman. Pray for Christina as she facilitates this retreat, that she would rest well each night and be energized and focused each day. Pray that as she eagerly anticipates what the Lord is going to do that she would have an increased awareness of the Holy Spirit’s leading and would give space for Him to move, to work, to heal, and to be glorified.

Pray for L as she continues to adjust to her return to Zimbabwe after an extended stay in the UK. Ask for grace and peace as she resettles and as she processes the last several months of the unexpected disruptions. Pray that she would see where God’s hand has been over her, for clarity to see His protection and provision, and for joy as she sees what He has done.

Pray for R and her family as they have been displaced from their home and are in need of a new house; ask for provision and patience on God’s timing, that they will trust and look to Him for their daily needs. Pray for hope and peace as they transition and adjust to new things, and for grace and kindness with one another. Ask God to be abundant and so good as He provides exactly what they need, that there will be things He gives they may be too hesitant to ask for.

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