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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 23)

Pray for Heather as she gears up for the workshops she will be leading, that she will be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to the needs of the women who show up; pray that she will lead with grace, kindness, and humility. Pray for Crystal as she prepares to give her time through Spiritual Direction and Pilates in the mornings, that she will be in tune and in step with Jesus as she gives of herself to those around her; pray for joy and grace to flow from her as she tangibly shows the love of Jesus to those she interacts with; ask for protection of health and safety over her body.

Pray for the rooms and spaces that will be used by Azmera during this retreat, that there would be protection over each space, that darkness would not be allowed to hover where Light is. Ask that as the Holy Spirit prepares each place that the women will feel Spirit’s invitation and presence as they step into the spaces set aside for them, that each room will be filled with goodness, light, and healing. Pray for the hotel staff and drivers and others who will interact with the women at this retreat, that those who do not yet know the Lord will encounter Him again and again and will be drawn towards Light and the kingdom of God as they witness His daughters during this retreat; ask for holiness and salvation to be at hand for those who witness the work God does through this retreat.

Pray for R to be reminded of beloved she is - by her friends and family, by those she serves, and infinitely more by her heavenly Father. Ask for any thoughts of doubt of her beloved-ness to be put in place by the name of Jesus, for the truth of how loved and lovely she is to be firmly planted and watered within her, that she would claim with confidence how God sees her and loves her and would walk with confidence in who she is. Pray for the Spirit of truth to hover over her and speak her name and her worth again and again.

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