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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 22)

Pray for Beth as she prepares to bring words of encouragement and life to the women attending; pray that as she spends time with the Lord she will be sensitive to His voice and leading, and will know when to speak up and when to stay silent as the Holy Spirit leads. Pray for Debi as she prepares to lead the retreat during times of worship, that her heart and mind will be focused on Jesus and will not be distracted by all of the things around her; ask that she would know when to step aside to give the Holy Spirit the space to move in power and glory. Pray for Ann, Jessica, and Nan as they prepare to meet with women one-on-one for counseling; pray they would be united as a team and that they would be obedient to speak the words of truth that the Holy Spirit gives them; ask for each of them to be filled with the boldness, power, sensitivity, and compassion of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they get to know one another, as they prepare for the retreat, as they spend time praying together. Pray that this team of women will be united in thought, heart, and purpose, that they would be filled with compassion, truth, and laughter. Ask that as they look forward to the days ahead that they would not be distracted by how things are (or are not) going, but would rather be so focused on Jesus and what He is doing that all other things will fade away. Pray that there would be a heavy sense of the Spirit in the atmosphere wherever they are gathered, that God and His good works and holiness will overshadow everything else, that all the other things will pale in comparison to the presence of the Lord.

Pray for A as she looks forward to this retreat and the refreshment and rest that is offered. Ask that she would come with open hands and an open mind, that she would allow her heart to be soft towards Jesus and what He will offer her during this time away. Pray that she would encounter the gentleness of God as He meets with her, that she would allow Him to speak truth, life, and healing to her; pray for courage and boldness for her as she steps into holy spaces with the Lord, that she would trust Him to be good to her, and to know that what He has and asks of her is for her good and His glory.

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