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Azmera SOUTH AFRICA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 21)

Pray for the Connection Crew as they travel to South Africa. Pray for protection, safety, rest, and a smooth journey. Ask for a spirit of unity and wholeness among this team, as some are coming fresh from the U.S. and some will be coming on the heels of wrapping up the Kenya Haven Retreat. Pray for rested minds and hearts as the women look ahead to what this week holds, that anything they’re bringing in their hearts and minds that isn’t of the Lord will be laid aside for this time, that God would clear their hearts and minds from distractions and from the weight that is carried. Ask Jesus to be revealing Himself, His plans, and His holiness to each woman as they travel, prepare and gather together.

Pray for H and her family as they continue to adjust to living in South Africa after seven years in China. Pray that they would sense God’s leading and presence over them as they transition and begin a new work in the places God has brought them; ask for wisdom and discernment as they trust His leading in the work they are doing. Pray for their family to show one another kindness and compassion, for there to be moments of great laughter and happiness as they discover a new place together.

Pray for T as she works specifically with children, that she would continually ask for wisdom and discernment in how best to come alongside each child and their family. Pray for an increase in sensitivity to each person she interacts with and for an increase in hearing and knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit as He is with her, that she will move in boldness and obedience, even when she may not always know the “why” behind the movement of the Spirit. Ask for protection, provision, and abundance from heaven.

Pray for L as she balances ministry and family life with three small children who need her in seemingly constant ways. Ask for her to make time to step away for a few hours each week to find rest for herself, for her to ask those around her to step in and help. Pray for protection over her family and ministry, for her to see where God is moving in all areas of her life. Ask for this time at the retreat to be life-giving and freeing for her, to release burdens and things she’s holding on tightly to into God’s gracious and capable hands.

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