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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (October 17-23)

Hello once again, Friends! Thanks for praying with us last week, we appreciate you deeply. The Romania Haven Retreat is this week and we would love to invite you to continue praying with us over each woman who will be attending, as well as each woman who is on the Connection Crew that will be giving of her time, her heart, and her presence. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you - He knows who you need to pray for and why. I want to remind you that this is simply a guide, that as you sit with Jesus in times of prayer, He delights in guiding your prayers and in meeting with you even more. May you be blessed and encouraged this week, and know the delight of the Lord as He smiles over you.

Monday, October 17

Pray for the Connection Crew as they continue to team build, prepare for the Retreat and spend time focusing their hearts and minds on the days ahead. Pray they would be united in heart and purpose, would communicate with compassion and kindness, and there would be an abundance of laughter and having fun together.

Pray for C as she balances her normal schedules and routines with helping those affected by the things happening in Ukraine. Pray that she would make time to step away and care for herself, spending time with the Lord and allowing His Holy Spirit to minister to her heart, mind, and soul. Ask for wisdom and discernment in the things she says “yes” to, as well as walking in peace in saying “no” to the things she needs to.

Pray for D to be confident of her footing in Jesus - to stand firm and trust that what she is standing on is a solid foundation; to be reminded that God is with her and God is for her. Ask that she would move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and would not be hesitant or doubtful when she hears the voice of the Lord inviting her into movement and action.

Pray for H and her family as they have a new guest house that they are hoping to use as a place of rest and restoration for those in need. Ask that this space would be covered in the presence of God and that the atmosphere for every guest would be one of welcome, safety, and an invitation to find rest. Pray that God will bless this space, will bless her and her family, and that His glory will be revealed time and time again through this house.

Tuesday, October 18

Pray for K as she looks ahead to finishing High School and going to University and transitioning into a new phase of life. Pray that she would have wisdom, discernment, and peace about the decisions she’s making and that she would look forward with hope and excitement to ending things well and for what is yet to come. Ask God to bless the work of her hands, and to give her confidence, happiness and provision.

Pray for R to make time to be still and listen to the voice of the Lord, to recognize His invitation to come away from the busyness, sit with Him and find rest for her soul. Pray that she would be reminded of the worth she holds, that God longs to spend time with her, and that He loves her and treasures her beyond anything she can imagine. Ask that she would be transformed again and again in the presence of God, as she trusts Him and who He says she is.

Pray for M to enter this time of retreat and rest with peace for what she’s stepping away from, and with hope for how God will meet with her. Ask that she would see His hand of grace, provision, and presence with and for her again and again during the time she is away. Pray that she would trust Him to hold for her the weight of the burdens she’s carrying, that she would know He is good and safe and faithful. Ask for peace and rest for her soul, and to know how much her Father delights in her.

Pray for S as she struggles to maintain the balance of work, personal, and ministry life; pray that she would find refuge in God and would know His hand of protection and covering over her mind, heart, soul, and strength. Ask that she would look to Him and know the comfort and grace that He offers her, that she would be bold to ask for more, and to receive what He gives as He gives it. Pray that joy and light and happiness will again be the song that she sings.

Wednesday, October 19

Pray for Christina as she leads this Haven Retreat, that she would be filled with focus, direction, and a spirit of calm. Ask that she would walk in grace and would be present with every person and in every conversation she is a part of, that her mind would focus on the things at hand.

Pray for Ali as she steps into the role of Retreat Manager, that as she spends time with Lord each day she will find her focus, strength, and joy filled to overflowing from His good Spirit. Ask that she would manage the details, the unexpected, and the many moving parts of this retreat with grace and a calm, steadfast spirit. Pray that she will see God moving in ways that are simply a gift from heaven for her.

Pray for Peg as she spends this time teaching and speaking and sharing her heart and the Lord’s heart with the women over the next few days. Ask that she would listen intently to the voice of God and would be obedient in sharing what He places on her heart. Pray that as the women are blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the words she shares, that she would be reminded of how loved she is and how God delights in how she uses her gifts for His kingdom. Pray abundant blessings over Peg this week.

Pray for Debi as she leads worship for this Haven Retreat, that her heart’s desire would be to lead the women into God’s presence to worship Him and to receive the ministry the Holy Spirit has designed for them. Pray that her heart and mind would be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and that she would find delight for her soul in allowing Him to lead her as she leads the times of worship.

Thursday, October 20

The Romania Haven Retreat begins today! Pray for each woman as she enters the retreat space to feel welcomed and loved upon first interaction with the Connection Crew. Pray that the spaces and rooms that are used will be covered in protection and that there would be a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit awaiting each woman. Pray for the times of getting to know one another, of prayer and worship, for the teaching, for the times of connection and fellowship all to be filled with joy and light and laughter.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they facilitate conversations and get to know the women they’ll be spending the next few days with; for each one to be sensitive to the needs of the women they interact with and for an awareness of how to tangibly come alongside and offer the love of Jesus in practical ways. Pray for these women to create safe places for hardships, truth, and compassion to be heard and shared.

Pray for the extended times of worship in the evening, that the women will encounter Jesus just as they each need, that they will find space to let down the guard of being the one serving and will receive the service and ministry of the Azmera team and of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the Connection Crew as they pray over each woman, for their ears and heart to be in tune with the voice of the Holy Spirit to be able to pray in boldness and power as they speak truth and love over each woman. Ask that there would be freedom to feel the emotions and say the things that each woman may be holding on to in unhealthy ways.

Friday, October 21

Pray for the Retreat in its first full day, for the foundation that has been laid to be built upon, and for each space to be safe to share things with in honest and vulnerable ways. Pray for the times of worship, teaching, and sharing to be filled with holiness, encouragement, and hope. Pray for the times of Connection and Workshops and rest; for each “time slot” to be filled with the exact women that need to be there for that time. For laughter, truth, tears, and life to be encountered. Pray for the Connection Crew to be present, available, and willing to step into the spaces the women fill, to know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit with them.

Pray for Angie, Judy, Patti, and Priscilla as they offer the tangible gift of pedicures, conversation, and prayer. Pray that each of these women will be filled with excitement and anticipation for how God will move during the time they spend with the women, that they would each be attentive to the voice of God and will speak in truth, love, and obedience. Pray for God to bless the work of their hands and the words of their mouths.

Pray for Beth as she offers the gift of inner healing prayer, that she would be present and attentive to each woman that she meets with. Pray that she will turn her ears and eyes towards heaven and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through her, for her to pray with power and truth. Ask that God would pour out healing, hope, and reminders of His goodness over each woman Beth prays with.

Pray for Heather as she leads the Gracious Wives workshop, that the women who show up would leave encouraged, heard, and ministered to. Ask for God’s grace and voice to be evident in the conversation and time spent together. Pray for Heather as she also makes herself available for one-on-ones with any woman who signs up; pray that the time spent with each one would be protected by the Holy Spirit and would be a safe place to share and to be seen, heard, and validated.

Saturday, October 22

Pray for the second full day of the Retreat, for relationships to continue to be built, and for trust and vulnerability to continue to find safe places to land. Ask for protection over the retreat as a whole, and over each woman’s heart, soul, mind, and strength. Pray that as God reveals truth to each woman that she would have time to process and receive what God is offering and inviting her into, that she would step forward in faith and hope, to know the weight of how good God is. Pray for the Connection Crew to be rested and refreshed for what the day holds, and to look forward to what God has in store and how they are going to see His hand at work. Pray for a continued sense of His leading and ears listening for His voice.

Pray for Crystal as she spends time offering Spiritual Direction, that each woman she spends time with will know the presence and peace of Jesus through Crystal. Ask that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and will know His power for herself as He sustains her and gives her what she needs for each moment of this Retreat. Pray that the women she talks with will be encouraged and will walk with confidence knowing that God is with them every step they take.

Pray for Karen, Shonna, and Dawn as they counsel women in one-on-one settings. Pray for each space to be covered in protection and safety as women share the burdens and weights they are carrying. Ask for grace, compassion, and kindness to be given freely as the counselors sit with the women and receive their stories, hardships, and concerns. Pray that each space will be drenched with the presence of the Holy Spirit as he ministers in turn. Pray for the counselors to in turn give back to God the words and stories they hear and to not hold on to them, but to trust God to do His holy work.

Sunday, October 23

The Romania Haven Retreat ends today, pray for a solid, holy ending to the time the women have spent together. Pray that the truths and life spoken over the women will be sealed in the power of the Holy Spirit; for anything not of God for these moments will not be allowed to linger or take up space in hearts and minds. Pray for each woman - those attending and those on the Connection Crew - to be encouraged, energized, and filled with hope.

Pray for the final times of worship and teaching to yet again be filled with the presence of God and the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, that the women will not hold back in their worship, their prayers, or the things they share one more time. Ask that each woman be filled to overflowing with hope and with the secure knowledge of her belovedness in Jesus.

Pray for the women as they begin the journey home, for protection and safety in their travels. Ask for grace and peace over every heart and mind as the women begin the mental and emotional transition from the time of rest and renewal to going back to family, homes, and work.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they take a breath and rest from the busyness and giving of the last four days; that they would each be free to take the time and space they need to process together or alone, to take a nap or a walk or sit with one another and share. Pray for God to pour out His blessing and provision over this team of women as they wind down their time in Romania.

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