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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (October 10-16)

Greetings, Friends! Another season of Azmera Haven Retreats is upon us. We will be in Romania from October 16 - 25, with the Retreat being October 20-23; then we’re heading to Israel from October 24 - November 2, with that Retreat being October 28 - 31. We would love to invite you to join us in praying for both of these retreats during the month of October. It is our honor and privilege to join this work through prayer - for the women attending and the women who will be ministering.

As always, please follow the Holy Spirit’s leading as you pray. There is never an expectation that you pray for every woman every day; our hope is that as much as this is a time to pray for the Haven Retreats it will be even more so moments of connection, rest, and peace for you in the Lord’s presence.

Thank you for partnering with us! We appreciate you and this ministry really would not be what it is without you. May you be blessed, encouraged, and know the presence of Jesus with you this week as you spend time in prayer. - suzanna

Monday, October 10

Pray for the Romania Retreat as it draws near, that God will cover the entire time in His presence, power, and protection. Pray for hearts and minds, spirits and bodies to begin being prepared for the time that will be spent in fellowship, in connection, and with Jesus. Pray for travel arrangements to fall into place, for work and childcare, and for family responsibilities to be taken care of. Pray for peace of mind and heart over each woman as she plans to leave things behind for a few days as she puts herself into a place of both giving and receiving. Pray for any fear, doubt, or hesitation to be wiped away in the name of Jesus; for hope and anticipation to fill the hearts and minds of every woman who will be in Romania.

Pray for A as she adjusts to a new teaching role this year. Pray that she will be focused, excited, and energized each day as she looks ahead to the things in front of her. Ask that she would find a healthy balance of prioritizing her new role with the things that are already established in her life. Pray for joy and happiness and delight to overflow in her soul.

Pray for F and her family as they are in the U.S. on a four-month furlough. Pray for protection and grace as they travel to meet with family and friends and raise support. Ask that there would be peace in their family (6 kiddos) as they transition, travel, and expend a lot of energy in this in-between period. Pray for their oldest child who is still in Romania, that they would experience new and fun things as they are on their own for this period of time.

Pray for A as she desires the grace needed to walk well into the next season of life. Pray that she would embrace change and transition with courage and faith that God is with her, that He is preparing good things for her, and that there can be grief over a new season. Ask that she would “stop and smell the roses” - make time to be still and allow God to give her clarity to see the beauty and goodness around her, regardless of where she is and what season it is. Pray that she would know a deep, deep wellspring of joy and truth within her.

Tuesday, October 11

Pray for S as she desires to walk even closer to Jesus in her life and ministry. Ask for her to see and walk into the opportunities God is giving her to step away from responsibilities and tasks and to sit in His presence, to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to her and to fill her with His power and goodness. Pray that she would see the quiet spaces in gardens and by the water that God is setting aside just for her.

Pray for Y as she looks for ways to serve practically in the midst of the turmoil and fighting in Ukraine; ask that she would see where God is inviting her to step in and join the work He has begun, for courage, peace, and confidence in His leading and protection. Pray that she will not only see His hand at work but will see how He is using her and how His name is being glorified in all things. Pray for peace in Ukraine.

Pray for K as she balances ministry and work with raising two-year-old triplets. Ask for energy, rest, and moments of peace as she walks through each day, in the midst of a difficult transition. Pray that she will make time for herself and that others will step in so that she will be able to step away to find rest.

Wednesday, October 12

Pray for B as she and her family are in France, for her to have wisdom and strength, and understanding as she balances family with work and ministry; for her to have focus, grace, and compassion on her family and those she interacts with. Pray for her as she studies French and works to become more fluent in the language. Ask for her to make time for herself to rest and be in the presence of Jesus, to receive the life and fullness He has for her.

Pray for E as she is in a season of transition with her church, as she moves her focus from youth and hospitality to a community focus. Ask that she would be excited and energized by this transition, that she would be given wisdom and discernment as she learns new things and makes a new way. Pray that she will seek wise counsel and have people around her to encourage her, hold her accountable and cheer her on. Pray that God would be abundant and gracious in His provisions for her in this season.

Pray for H and her family as they continue to serve and lead their team in Odesa, Ukraine. Pray for safety, protection, and wisdom as they walk alongside their neighbors and community and look for practical ways in which they can be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus. Ask for provision and guidance as they look to the Lord to give what they need as the need arises.

Thursday, October 13

Pray for the people who will encounter the women from the Haven Retreat - those working in service positions in the hotel, restaurants, and transportation - that God will be moving in their hearts and lives in holy ways. Pray for the people to see God at work and in movement through the women at the Haven Retreat, that they will see Him in the words, actions, and services of the women they interact with. Pray there will be moments of encouragement, truth, and holiness to take place simply because our sisters will be present and aware of the work of the Holy Spirit. Pray for transformation and hope among those we will interact with.

Pray for T as they look for like-minded people to serve locally in Belfast. Ask that they would make time to listen to the Lord and trust His leading and His timing. Pray for unity among their team, for vision and clarity as they look ahead to the things God is setting before them, that they would walk in trust and faith.

Pray for N as she continues to transition from the busyness and tasks of the summer into the rhythms of fall. Pray that she would make time to rest and be still and allow her mind to find peace in the presence of the Lord. Ask for hope and anticipation for the dreams and desires of her heart; that as she looks ahead towards what is yet to come she would do so with faith and trust that God sees her, He hears her, and the things He is holding in store for her are good.

Pray for B as she struggles with depression, feelings of depletion, and the grief of losing a close friend and teammate to COVID in the spring of 2021. Ask that she would have the wisdom and thought process to give herself grace and space to continue to grieve and live with the loss she has experienced, and to know the presence of Jesus as He sits with her in the sadness. Pray for God to bring someone into her life to walk with and be present with her in the darkness; to remind her that light will come again and that she is not alone. Pray for peace, comfort, and hope when she needs it the most.

Friday, October 14

Pray for B and her church as they deal with the consequences of their lead pastor’s personal choices that have affected the church. Ask that they would be rooted in Jesus and would know His goodness and faithfulness in this season of devastation, loss of trust, and upheaval; pray they would allow the Holy Spirit to lead them, to pour out His presence and truth in greater measure, and would be filled with grace and compassion for those around them. Ask that God’s glory would be greater, and they would know Him deeper in this time.

Pray for A as she has long desired a co-worker or assistant to come alongside her to share the responsibility and workload with her; this has been an ask of God for many years, pray that God would fulfill this desire for her. Ask that as she waits on God and His perfect timing, she would see His hand of provision and faithfulness to her. Pray for her to walk in peace and confidence with the Lord, that He would remind her of His perfect provision and answers to the prayers she has prayed for in the past. Pray that she would know afresh how loved and delighted she is by God.

Pray for C, her husband, and their three boys as they continue to adjust to living overseas. Ask for peace and grace with the boys, for wisdom and discernment in helping them transition to new everything. Pray for their marriage as they struggle with adjusting to ministry overseas and to new routines; ask for protection over both of their hearts and minds, for truth to be stronger, and for the voice of the Lord to hold more weight and power than all the thoughts that run through their minds. Ask that they would seek the Lord individually and together, for rest and peace as in the midst of the struggle, and for wise counsel from people they trust who walk with the Lord.

Saturday, October 15 Connection Crew leaves for Romania

Pray for W as she looks for ways to help local European churches become more engaged in Refugee ministries. Ask that God would bring financial partners to come alongside her as well as partners in ministry and strategy. Pray that she would be still and wait and listen to the voice of the Lord to lead her; for wisdom, discernment, and patience to trust in God’s timing and movement.

Pray for M and her family as they wait on visas to return to Australia, as they are eager to get back to the people they work with and love on. Pray that as they wait they would see glimpses of God’s purpose in His timing and His presence and provision in all things. Ask for peace as they wait, for hope for the things that lie ahead, and for an increase in trust.

Pray for R and her church, as they face a season of challenge, struggle, and discouragement in their church. Ask for people to come alongside her to walk with her in this time, to speak truth, to be present, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this congregation. Pray for her to have clarity of vision and thought as she looks to Jesus to redeem and restore what feels lost and broken, that she would know Him to be “Savior” to her in new and profound ways. Pray for rest and peace to cover her and to weigh her down in comfort and truth, that Light and life would overwhelm her soul in holy ways.

Sunday, October 16

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their journey to Romania. Pray for peace over any travel anxiety or worries, for smooth connections and flights, and for the friendships and connections that will be built within the Connection Crew as they meet and travel together. Pray for rest and sleep during travel times, and for excitement as they look towards the week ahead. Ask that God will cover each woman with His protection and presence in tangible ways as they step out into this adventure.

Pray for J as she launches a new discipleship group, and for her desire for women to be transformed by knowing God and being known by Him. Ask that she would spend time with the Lord, listening to His voice and allowing everything that’s not from Him to be filtered out by the power of the Holy Spirit; that she would seek His face in all things, trusting Him to lead her and walking in confidence in who He has created her to be.

Pray for K as she continues to seek direction from God in the opportunities she’s been given in new ways and places to serve and minister. Pray that she would trust the voice of the Holy Spirit in her heart, mind, and gut, and would listen to the counsel of those around her. Ask that she would move forward in confidence and peace and that she would enter new levels of trust in Jesus as He walks with her in this season.

Pray for H as she parents her kids, especially as they are in a difficult time right now. Pray for patience, wisdom, understanding, and compassion in greater measure for her, and for her kids for one another. Ask for times of peace and calm in their household, for moments of fun and laughter. Pray that God would bring others alongside her to stand in as mentors and honorary Aunts/Uncles to her children, that they would be surrounded by people who love them and who will be safe places for them. Ask for them to know God in deeper and truer ways than they’ve known before.

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