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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (online with Velvet Ashes) | (April 28)

April 28: Pray for the women who attended the retreat, as they get back into the swing of what their current normal looks like, that they would walk refreshed and in freedom from the time they spent at the retreat the past few days. Ask that God would continue to fill their hearts and minds with joy and peace as they choose to trust Him, especially with so many unknowns-to-us and so much still up in the air. Pray their countenances, their words and the work of their hands would speak peace and celebration to those they interact with, and that the desire of their hearts would be for God to be glorified in all things.

Pray for the Azmera (and Velvet Ashes) staff as they look ahead towards the next few months and seek God’s guidance in what steps to take. Pray for peace of mind and heart in the unrest, and confidence and reminders that God is sovereign and good, and nothing is beyond the scope of His reach.

Thanks for praying with us these seven days. As always, we are so grateful for your partnership in prayer for this ministry and for our sisters worldwide. May you walk in hope and joy today, and may you see the goodness of God all around you.

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