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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (online with Velvet Ashes) | (April 26)

April 26: The Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (online with Velvet Ashes) wraps up today! Please pray for the women as they spend the last bit of time apart in the spaces they have created. Pray they would know the encounters they’ve had with God are solid and real, and that as much as He has been with them He is still before and behind them; pray they would walk in confidence and peace and with hearts full of joy and celebration for who God is and what He has done and is doing.

Pray for the Romania Connection Crew as they wrap things up with the women they’ve been in connection with the past few days. Pray they will have wisdom and discernment as they finish their time together, and will trust the Lord to continue to give wisdom and guidance in anything else that needs to be said or done with the women in their groups. Ask that they find a place to rest and allow the Holy Spirit to refresh them after they have given of themselves the past few days. Pray they would know joy and celebration as well, as they look ahead towards what is yet to come.

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