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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (online with Velvet Ashes)| (April 24)

April 24: The theme of this retreat is “Yet I will Celebrate.” Pray that each woman, as she enters her time of retreat today, will allow herself to feel all of the feelings, and that as she walks into the space of feelings the love and joy of God will overwhelm her heart and soul. Pray that God will open each woman’s eyes to see clearly where He is working around her, and how He is working within her. Ask that each woman will be given clarity to see all of the reasons and ways to celebrate - the big things and little things and all of the things in between. Pray that each woman will step back and allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead, and for any moments of fear, anxiety and discomfort to be brought under the covering of the cross.

Pray for the Romania Connection Crew as they reach out to the women they’ve been given to minister to this week, that they would be bold and gentle in their conversations, they would allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them, and they would trust God to lead the way as they connect in unusual circumstances. Pray protection over the words they use, that anything that is not from God would be blocked from the ears of those who hear in the Name of Jesus.

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